Replacing a faulty O2 sensor is no a daunting project, even for a novice DIY\"er, as long as you take the ideal precautions to prevent accidentally burning yourself.

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This article applies to the Toyota Camry (1997-2011).

Your vehicle\"s oxygen sensor actions the oxygen contents in the exhaust, and also adjusts engine parameters like the air-to-fuel proportion (AFR) to save it to run at that best. However, exhaust gasses space (by nature) hot and dirty, for this reason the sensor have the right to wear out with time. Speaking really generally, a expectancy of 100,000 miles have the right to be intended from the sensors. Therefore, as your vehicle ages, the is increasingly typical that one O2 sensor will certainly go negative on her vehicle. A P0125 or P1335 code way that you have a bad O2 sensor. Since a faulty sensor can impact your fuel effectiveness by in between 15 percent and also 25 percent, you have to replace her sensor as soon as it fails.


Materials NeededNew O2 sensor22mm combination wrench or O2 sensor socket and wrenchMultimeter (optional)Welder\"s gloves (optional)

Step 1 – Prepare to replace your O2 sensor

Let your automobile cool because that a couple of hours before replacing her O2 sensor. The area of her engine whereby you\"ll be working heats up quickly, and stays warm long after you\"ve rotate off her engine. The longer you provide your engine come cool before replacing her O2 sensor, the much less likely you room to by chance burn yourself.

Step 2 – open up hood and locate sensor

Open the hood and use the hood assistance rod to settle in place.

Figure 1. 4 cylinder Camry engine through sensor circled.

Identify the catalytic converter, and then look for the two sensors (they look prefer thick black color wires) the are associated to it. Over there is one (sensor 1) in former of the catalytic converter and a 2nd (sensor 2) situated behind and beneath the catalytic converter. Be sure to change the correct sensor (i.e., the sensor that has actually failed). Come make sure you do, think about testing each sensor with a multimeter through connecting each in turn to the multimeter (set come 200 ohms) to check out if the sensor is \"live.\"

Figure 2. Find the O2 sensor the is failing in bespeak to replace it.
Figure 3. Use a multimeter come verify the the O2 sensor is failing or has failed.

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Step 3 – Disconnect O2 sensor native connector

Follow the \"wire\" from the O2 sensor come the connector. At the connector, rod one or two finger(s) behind the connector and also push ~ above tab, while concurrently pulling increase on the connector. It should conveniently pop out of place.

Figure 4. Pole one or two finger(s) behind the connector and also push on tab, while simultaneously pulling increase on the connector.

Step 4 – remove O2 sensor

Use O2 sensor socket to eliminate O2 sensor. To do so, on slide \"wire\" right into slot top top O2 socket and also then push socket down until it consists the O2 sensor. When it does, attach ratchet come O2 sensor, i m sorry you\"ll use to loosen and also then at some point remove the sensor. If her engine is warm, or to help ensure girlfriend don\"t by chance burn yourself, undertake a welder\"s glove on one hand and then use that hand to actually eliminate the O2 sensor as soon as you\"ve obtained it nearly off with the O2 socket and ratchet.

Figure 5. On slide the O2 socket over the wire, so the it fits snugly inside socket.
Figure 6. On slide O2 socket under the wire till it fits roughly sensor itself. Afterwards, connect ratchet to O2 socket.
Figure 7. Usage O2 socket and also ratchet to loosen O2 sensor. Then eliminate it.

Step 5 – include anti-seize on threads of new O2 sensor

Rub a small anti-seize (likely contained with your brand-new O2 sensor) ~ above the object of the new O2 sensor. This will help you much more easily eliminate the new O2 sensor if you have to so in ~ some suggest in the future.

Figure 8. Include anti-seize come threads of new O2 sensor (without getting any type of on the sensor itself) to make removing it at some suggest in the future easier.

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Step 6 – replace O2 sensor

Replacement is reverse of removal:

Position O2 sensor, thread into hole, and tighten through hand until you can not tighten it further.Use O2 socket and ratchet to tighten into place.Reconnect O2 sensor to connector by snapping it into place.Finally, nearby the hood.

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