If 4.0L in heat 6 walk not usage MAF has actually a MAP. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you require anything rather to acquire the problem fixed.



4.7 liter, I have actually taken the jeep to the dealership repeted time because that the very same problem, still unresolved. The jeep doesnt desire to start, the strater appears fine, follow to the dealership fuel mechanism checks fine, the changed the iac motor and also the battery and I have actually replaced the starter and throttle position sensor. On your websites advice ns subscribed come mitchell on demand, but, ns cant find the location of the map sensor because that the 4.7. Climate again im no able to navigate really well. Might you please straight me on the eautorepair. Net to the diagram with the loaction the the map sensor for the 4.7 and give me part sound advice ~ above the istarting issue.
HiMAP top top intake see diagram


Has ECT sensor been watched if faulty would certainly make cold begin difficult. Is vehicle hard to begin all the time? been doing this lengthy time? any kind of other performance problems?Let me knowThanks for donate
exactly how do I inspect the ECT? have the right to you tell me exactly how you navigated to uncover the diagram? I evaluate your help. Sincerly, clueless
require OHM meter eliminate connector probe terminals engine cold must br 3K ohms as engine warms ohms fall if no replace. At menu for jeep click Electrical, then click on Componet places then click sending units and also sensors then MAP 4.7 click Fig. 6 blue highlited
My Oil press Gauge Drops to 0 at Red Lights and Stop signs There Is No Knocking and also Engine Still runs Fine. Is This mine Oil Pump walking Out...

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2001 Jeep cool Cherokee Limited, 4.7 V8, 4wd, Quadratrac, around 105k.My wife Took our Jeep on Vacation, so I"m regrettably Not...
I have A Jeep Cherokee Sport with The 4l Distributor less System. Ns Think it Is, over there Is nothing On The Left next (facing The Engine) Of...
Just had actually The Engine changed On mine Jeep. Simply Prior come The Engine Going negative (bearings & Crankshaft), ns Noticed A Vibration in ~ High Speeds....

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Oil press Drops to 0 as soon as Pressing Accellerator once Cold. Return To 40 Psi as soon as Returning to Idle.Once Engine Warms, Oil Press...