No.ACircuits Protected
15Mirrors, Autolamp (2002-2003)
252000-2001: Aux. High Mount prevent Lamp
7.52002-2003: Cluster, Autolamp. Generic digital Module (GEM), Keyless entry, 4x4
152004-2005: Ignition

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2002-2005: speed control, Anti-lock Brake device (ABS), 4x4, Powertrain manage Module (PCM), Park interlock, Keyless entry
107.52000-2001: rate Control/Amplifier Assembly, Genericelectronic Module (GEM), transition Lock Actuator, mix Door Actuator, A/C-Heater Assembly, Flasher, Overhead Console, 4X4 Module
152002-2003: Ignition, IPATS
102004-2005: air bags
117.52000-2001: instrument Cluster, 4X4 Module
152002-2003: 4x4 module
16302000-2001: Windshield Wiper Motor, Wiper Hi-Lo Relay, Wiper Run/Park Relay
7.52002-2003: turn signals, Park interlock, Overhead console, Climate control, 4x4, speed control
207.52000-2001: Generic digital Module (GEM), Radio, Moonroof Relay, Power home window Relay, power Down earlier Window
152002-2003: Daytime running Lamps (DRL), reverse lamps, PCM

23202000-2003: Fuel Pump Motor
152004-2005: Trailer tow
24252000-2003: Headlamps
102004-2005: Powertrain regulate Module (PCM) memory
2510 2000-2003: A/C Clutch Solenoid
27202000-2003: Rear strength Point
152004-2005: Daytime to run Lamps (DRL)
28302000-2003: 4WABS Module
102004-2005: A/C Clutch Solenoid
2915 2000-2003: Foglamps
252004-2005: Headlamps

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48Window safety Relay
492000-2004: Starter Relay
50A2000-2004: no Used
50B2000-2004: Fuel Pump Relay
54PCM Relay
55Blower Relay