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hey there, just got my new 06 tb"r. Likewise just collection up this account and don"t plan on gift a newbie because that wandering where is the oil filter and also drain plug on these I6"S. I see what looks like an access cover under the engine in the middle, but don"t want to start messing with things until i"m because that sure. Please advise. THANKS.

I view what looks like an access cover under the engine in the middle.
That"s the place. When you open that you will see the plug and you will have to reach up right into the opening and the filter will certainly be on the passengers side of the engine. The very first time you adjust it you may have actually a challenging time getting the factory filter off together they really tighten them to tight.Welcome and hope you enjoy the brand-new ride!
thanks, ns will check it out. Will there be sufficient room to get a filter wrench in over there to ease the manufacturing facility welded on filter. The method i usually perform it is through a ratchet, breaker bar, and a socket layout wrench. Thanks again
thanks, ns will examine it out. Will there be enough room to get a filter wrench in there to loosen the factory welded top top filter. The method i usually execute it is with a ratchet, breaker bar, and a socket style wrench. Many thanks again
You have the right to use one old style filter wrench however it"s tight. The socket format wrench with a couple long extensions works the ideal for me. It is much easier to have the car on ramps - I"ve excellent it both ways.

When i did mine the an initial time I offered a socket layout wrench through a socket handel that had actually a pivot on the head therefore I can angle it down and also long handle to gain a an excellent turn with. I have never had actually mine top top ramps to perform this however I deserve to see wherein it would make that easier yet not necessary.
When i did mine the an initial time I supplied a socket style wrench through a socket handel that had a pivot on the head for this reason I can angle that down and long manage to gain a great turn with. I have never had mine top top ramps to execute this but I deserve to see where it would make the easier however not necessary.
:iagree: Definately no neccesary to it is in on ramps, however for us old geezers it"s certain a many easier.

i HATE wherein that filter is. The an initial time i readjusted my oil...oil im no that bad, jus takes part gettin provided to.
i HATE whereby that filter is. The first time i readjusted my oil...oil im no that bad, jus takes part gettin used to.
:iagree: especially around the oil all over part, despite I"ve seen oil filter in worse places than the TB. Yeah, each adjust does obtain easier. One member stated a while ago that the takes his drill and also drills a tiny hole in the bottom that the filter and lets it drain for a while prior to removing it. I just turn the filter a couple of turns v the socket wrench and also give it a few minutes to drainpipe in the pan.
Sounds like it will certainly be messy then. But I just don"t trust anyone rather to touch my vehicles. So i will need to floor cleaner ready. Thanks again guys
It is messy, I"ve tried placing a big ziplock bag approximately the entire filter to record the oil as I spun the filter off, yet I tho made a mess. I prefer the sound the drilling a feet in the bottom of the filter to drainpipe it prior to removing it.
it"s a pain, yet I"ve been acquiring the k & n oil filters for one reason... The 1" hex head on them, it"s really straightforward with those, no slipping filter wrenches!Next time I readjust my oil, I"m simply going to eliminate the skid key to make it a tiny easier with less scratches on my arm.

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I readjusted my oil for the an initial time a couple of main ago. Ns don"t know why world make the sound so horrible to change the oil filter and getting oil everyplace. I found it among the simplest filters to replace and an altering the oil wasn"t messy for me. (Not unlike my Nissan P/U which to be a PITA to change and messy too.)I gotten rid of the entire access panel, not simply the little access panel because that the drainpipe plug, and also used a socket type oil filter wrench through an expansion to slowly loosen the filter till I might see the drip. I let it gradually drip because that a couple of minutes and also then took it off v the wrench. I then placed the new filter on. Then i drained the oil pan. The only area which had spilled oil top top it was the integrated oil drainer under the oil filter; and it to be minimal. Hardly also got my hand dirty.I more than likely had more of a trouble putting the filter top top hand tight because my hands were too huge to come in with the access panel. Using tblazed"s trick, I had my wheels turned to the right and came in with the appropriate front wheel well/front fender and was able to install and also tighten the oil filter.Piece the cake.