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Hellow everybody, I gained the "loos fuel cap" article with the PCM error password P0440, confirm the fuel cap and my next step in debug/diagnosing this is to find the evap canister and it"s purging valve and also do some inspection, everyone knows where the canister located? Your aid is appriciated. (car is 2001 Buick lesabre custom)
The purge valve is a simple fix. Should price under $20.00 at a parts house. I replaced mind with no trouble.
Thanks all :smile: , found the evap canister simply behind the fuel filter, and also the purge valve above the oil pour it until it is full cap, while inspecting the purge valve i noticed a cracked rubber elbow connecting the purge valve to the input line- hoping this was setup the code. Is there a method to check the purge valve or must I just replace it to be on the safe side? (when i device it off, that both input or outputs were seald). Thanks again.
actualy it began with "loose gas cap" post on the DIC, then afterwards the business engine irradiate went on v trouble password P0440, wasn"t sure if there is any means to examine this valve "offline" before transforming it. Through the way, one weird thing I have actually noticed that this valuve has only 2 hoses linked to it, one goes to the canister and also the other to the intake, while all the documentation i have uncovered was saying there have to be additional vacum hose:banghead:
while inspecting the purge valve i noticed a cracked rubber elbow connecting the purge valve to the intake line- hoping this was setup the code. Fix this - reset the code and hope for the best.I replaced the canister solenoid on my 1999 and also it addressed it.
an update:took out the purge valve and also tested the with exterior 12V strength supply, the is working. Climate I situated the Evap vent solenoid and also guess what.. It was bad, i observed the plunger feather was out of it"s place and also the solenoid to be stuck open, fixed it and tested it externally and also i appears to be working now, placed it earlier on the vehicle checked the is obtaining 12V ~ above one lead, but it seems that the PCM is no activating it for part reason, tomorrow i wall surface probe it"s leader after cold start to monitor if that gets and also GND signal indigenous the PCM, so it"s trending towards the vent solenoid now, will store updating.

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alright, i promised my me to short article when i pond this down, it to be the evap vent solenoid :)been a pair of weeks because I fixed the plunger"s spring in the evap vent solenoid and no an ext "loose fuel cap" or examine engine irradiate since.Thanks for every the friends because that the aid and monitor up top top this.Gilmour.