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New come jettas and I was wondering how do you understand if or when to change a vr6 time chain? where is a great place to buy the parts to carry out the job.yes im a noob ns bought the thursday!


Well girlfriend cant really tell if it needs one or not however it is recommended to readjust it at roughly 100k even though I recognize a couple of people that have actually made it previous 150k and still going. Lock arent prefer belts the wear the end fast and also snap easily yet dont last forever either. Far better to perform it and also not have to worry about your engine breaking down, be sure to readjust the guides as well. (water pump too)...anyways grats ~ above the purchase and also welcome
after doing an ext reading i store hearing ppl talk about intake change rods. What space those? i recognize its a an excellent idea to execute guides when you carry out a chain, why are ppl act the water pump to? is there any way to check and see if the chains have actually been changed?

You can tell as soon as chains are going bad. They make a ton that noise. Most civilization do lock at around 100k, yet I usually stretch that to roughly 125-150 at least cuz they commonly dont do noise at the point. That is a great idea to do the water pump at that allude as well. Go to for all your maintainence parts.

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If it"s a GLI VR6 (24v) castle don"t usually need to be done till 150k, however if it"s a GLX VR6 (12v) climate they usually need to be done approximately 100k.There is a thread around the forum talking about this exact same topic. It might have been on Vixen"s build thread. I don"t remember.Edit: There might be records on the timing chain being done. Most people have timing belts i m sorry go quicker than timing chains and usually the water pump goes roughly the exact same time.
its glx car, however i think to be safe i"ll carry out the chain tensioners and guides. I think it renders sense to carry out it every at once. Because im in over there i"ll carry out a clutch to. Need to i additionally do a water pump, are they tough to gain to? is there good book out listing every the torque specs ns gonna need?

Water pump will be easy because you"re digging into that area anyways. The mk4 bentley hand-operated is the just one you"ll discover with good vr6 info. We have actually a .pdf file download in the n00b guide at the height of the page, otherwise you"ll need to pay roughly $80 for the book.Are the chain making any type of chatter yet?
its glx car, yet i think come be for sure i"ll execute the chains tensioners and also guides. Ns think it makes sense to perform it every at once. Due to the fact that im in there i"ll do a clutch to. Need to i likewise do a water pump, are they hard to acquire to? is there good book the end listing every the torque specs ns gonna need?
what clutch? the one in the transmission? you need to take the infection out to carry out that. Its not on the engine wherein the belts are
I have the very same car with 135K - As lengthy as you don"t hear any noise, then dont" worry about it. The only method for the timing and their contents to failed is that you or the ahead owner neglected the oil changes. The time chain and the guides deserve to go as high together 300K without changing it as long as you change the oil at every 5K miles with full synthetic.However, the pump with need to be done in between 100K - 130K. The usual water leakage will be the second electric pump. This pumps are not at the exact same location!! ns would execute them both at the same time though. As you"re act the main water pump, think about replacing her serpentine belt and test your pulley and see if they need to be replaced as well.These GLX V6 walk not require to have the automatic transmission purged at 100K miles unless you towed a lot. The just time you need a tranny flushed is when you have a leak and also that"s when you replace the pan gasket and fill it up through the original transmission fluid.These are good cars v plenty of strength - They"re a blast to drive and also how easy to can loss in love through them. A indigenous of caution, they"re a gas hog, especially during the cold climate. They"re also a ache to occupational on because they"re V6 and also lack of room to do the work-related under the hood. Because that example, instead of the alternator with speak to for something prefer 6 hrs by the book, however it have the right to be done because that 1/2 the time and unorthodox way, not like the 4-cyl engine.I to be looking to trade mine in because that something else also though it has actually been ok the a car and after $800 the repairs.Best the luck!!