We usually don"t think to replace the starter till after replacing the battery, and everything rather that might be avoiding your Jeep indigenous starting. However if you revolve the vital and girlfriend don"t hear the click the the starter, it can mean that the starter itself is the problem. This is no uncommon since the starter is located below the oil filter whereby oil and debris can loss on it. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to obtain a brand-new starter, and also maybe a cover to go over it as well.

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Step 1 – lift the Jeep and also disconnect battery

Lift the Jeep utilizing your jack and collection it on 4 jack stands. After that, open the hood and disconnect the an unfavorable (black) cable on your battery.

Figure 1. Set the Jeep on jack stands.
Figure 2. XJ battery location.

Step 2 – eliminate old starter

Locate the starter below the oil filter. If you can"t discover it, follow the red optimistic cable from her battery that directly connects come the starter. Attached come the starter, you will see the huge battery cable and also a smaller sized wire. Disconnect both wires by unbolting and unhooking them native the starter terminals. ~ that, there space two bolts you need to remove: one on the top and one ~ above the bottom that the starter.

Figure 3. Starter cable terminals.
Pro Tip

Be cautious removing the starter due to the fact that it is quite heavy and if girlfriend drop it on yourself, it could reason an injury.

Step 3 – Install new starter

Take your new starter and install it where the old starter was mounted. Tighten under the 2 bolts, then connect the battery cable and also wire to the starter terminals. Tighten under the bolts for the terminals, so the the wires will not come loosened from the terminals. Reconnect her battery and try starting the engine. If the still does no start, climate you likely have actually a trouble with her ignition switch or possibly a poor wire.

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Figure 4. Starter mounting point.

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