The knock sensor in her Honda Accord is responsible because that informing her Honda ECU of knock, or engine detonation. Detonation occurs in one engine as soon as there’s not enough fuel or there’s other wrong v your 2.2 liter or 2.3 liter Honda F collection engine ignition system. Regardless of the difficulty that might be resulting in the skinny condition, friend will need to replace or repair her Honda Accord punch sensor to settle the OBDII DTC P0325.

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P0325 is informing you that the OBDII system in your Honda Accord has detected a trouble with your knock sensor. The certain language behind this examine engine trouble password is Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction. This deserve to mean among two things, either your knock sensor has failed, or there’s a problem with the wiring harness that leads to her knock sensor.


Today I’ll be mirroring you how to readjust a Honda Accord punch sensor in a 2000 Honda Accord EX through a 2.3 liter F collection SOHC engine in it. The Honda Accord knock sensor component number is 30530-P5M-003. This one pen sensor can likewise carry a part number of 30530-P5M-013 or 30530-PM5-013, and also can also be found under particular Acura component numbers as well as Isuzu.

Where is Honda Accord hit Sensor Located?

This hit sensor is located underneath the input manifold on her 2.3 liter Honda Accord F23 engine. It’s mounted to the earlier of the block right above the behind water pipe, and in order to access this sensor more easily, we’ll it is in removing the driver side axle.


If you have actually hands small enough and also arms lengthy enough, you may have the ability to sneak a 24mm deep socket behind your engine. This will allow you come gently crack the knock sensor loose and rotate free. If you space not able to execute this however, girlfriend will should remove your driver next axle.

Chances are if your OBDII DTC P0325 has actually been lit on your dashboard, your break down Indicator desk lamp (MIL) need to flash. This inspect engine light way that an ext than likely, your Honda Accord hit sensor has actually come apart.

This punch sensor is exposed come the elements and because that it’s location, have the right to cool off and heat up quickly. This rapid expansion and expose to heat often cracks the knock sensor in half. This is fully normal, return you will still should remove the basic in stimulate to change the punch sensor.


You will must unplug the oil push sender ( the rubber boot presented to the ideal of the hit sensor ) and also then unplug her knock sensor. If you room removing your axle to finish our how to adjust a Honda Accord hit sensor DIY Guide, advanced the prior of her vehicle and also secure it safely.

Remove the former driver side wheel to gain access to the axle nut. Undo the axle nut and spin it off the finish of your CV drive axle. Next, you will certainly be remove the sway bar end links, these are 14mm nuts that need to be loosened.


Put the 14mm nut earlier onto the guide bar end connect to ensure girlfriend don’t lose the nut. Now with the guide bar disconnected, you’ve obtained to disconnect the other side ( passenger side ) so the you have the right to swing the entire lower regulate arm and also axle the end of the way. Next up on our how to adjust a Honda Accord knock sensor guide is disconnecting the external tie rod.

Pull out the circlip indigenous the lock nut top top your outer tie rod, and then leave it disconnected from her hub assembly.


If her Honda Accord outer tie rod is damaged, or you should replace it, check out our just how To business your Honda Accord tie stick DIY overview here.

The last component of removing your driver side axle is to remove the suspension fork that your shock absorber sits in. Disconnect this lower fork or pickle by undoing the 17mm bolt and also nut the goes v the bottom of the fork and also through your lower control arms.

The following bolt you’ll be disconnecting is the 14mm bolt the runs v the back of the suspension fork. This bolt stop the former shock in place, and once you’ve disconnected this 14mm bolt, slide off her suspension fork.


At this stage in our how to adjust a Honda Accord punch sensor article, you’re about ready to eliminate the driver side axle. Before doing this however, you will desire to drain your infection or at least have a pan all set for the infection to drainpipe into.

Remove the driver next axle, which will provide you the room essential to business and change your Honda Accord knock sensor.


Now’s a great time to examine your jackstands and make certain that her Honda Accord is safely and also securely raised. Currently you can crawl under your Honda Accord and look up into the engine bay to find your Honda Accord rear water pipe and also the punch sensor.


This punch sensor deserve to be gotten rid of using a 24mm socket, and it need to be deep unless of course your Honda Accord hit sensor is already broken.

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Replace her knock sensor by just screwing in your brand-new unit and tighten to specification. Execute not use any kind that anti take or object locker ~ above this sensor, and also do not usage teflon tape come insulate the sensor. In order to clear your P0325 trouble code, friend will require a scan tool to erase the stored DTC in her Honda Accord ECU.

This completes our how to change a Honda Accord knock sensor DIY article, if friend have any questions concerning this how To or our DIY on fixing the P0325 trouble code, leaving them for us below!