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Power Mirror, Passenger Side, Japan/USA constructed Models, Sedan, manual Folding, Non-Heated, w/o Signal, Paintable
Location : Driver and Passenger SideRecommended use : OE ReplacementAuto Dimming : there is no Auto-Dimming


Location : Driver and Passenger SideRecommended usage : OE ReplacementAuto Dimming : without Auto-Dimming
Location : Driver and also Passenger SideRecommended usage : OE ReplacementAuto Dimming : there is no Auto-Dimming
Driver and Passenger next Heated winter - strength Glass, hand-operated Folding, In-housing Signal Light, there is no memory, Paintable
Location : Driver and also Passenger SideRecommended usage : OE ReplacementAuto Dimming : there is no Auto-Dimming
Location : Driver and also Passenger SideRecommended usage : OE ReplacementAuto Dimming : there is no Auto-Dimming
Honda Accord winter Buyer's guide SummaryWhat Are auto Mirrors?Types of Honda Accord MirrorsWhy room driver and also passenger next mirrors different?Common features of auto mirrorsFinding the ideal Honda Accord mirrorsHow lot do Honda Accord mirrors cost?When should rear view and side mirrors be replaced?

Car mirrors space reflective components that expand a driver’s field of vision.There room two types of mirrors in a Honda Accord: rear view and side mirrors.The rear watch mirror is an inner mirror that allows the driver see website traffic from behind the vehicle.Side mirrors are exterior components that enable the driver to observe the size of the vehicle.Side mirrors deserve to be non-folding or folding, manual or strength mirrors.Common functions of car mirrors incorporate heated glass, anti-glare functionality, auto-dimming technology, and also built-in lights.The price of OEM replacement components typically selection between $70 and $700.From that is debut in the late ‘70s as a three-door hatchback to its current status as an icon in the midsize sedan segment, the Honda Accord has actually truly come a lengthy way. It has been a much-beloved design for the safety, high quality driving, and also low emissions. Come this day, the Honda Accord proceeds to admire by packing the power and sporty appeal in a four-door family members midsize sedan.

To learn an ext about the Honda Accord, let’s take it a closer look at one of its components: the rear-view and also side mirrors.

What Are automobile Mirrors?

Car mirrors are reflective materials that extend a driver’s ar of vision. These components are installed both inside and also outside a vehicle. Reflect images aid in anticipating other drivers’ motions on the road, observing objects and also pedestrians, and approximating ranges while convert lanes or make a turn.

Types of Honda Accord Mirrors

There are two types of mirrors installed in a Honda Accord: the behind view and also side mirrors.

Internal rear-view mirrors

The rear watch mirror is an interior mirror that allows a driver observe website traffic from behind the vehicle. It has actually an adjustable base that"s attached to the windshield"s upper middle portion. The driver may readjust the edge of the mirror to enhance their eye level.

External soup or side-view mirrors

Side mirrors are exterior winter that permit the driver to observe the vehicle"s length. This mirrors help in navigating turns and also safely convert lanes.


Non-folding mirrors space stationary mirrors the are frequently installed in enlarge Accords or base models.


Folding side mirrors have integrated hinge mechanisms that enable you to push the mirror in the direction of the vehicle’s body. This provides it simpler to maneuver or park the vehicle in chop spaces.

Manual urgently mirrors

As its name suggests, manual-folding mirrors need the driver come physically readjust the ingredient from exterior the vehicle or with a bar on the dash or the door panel.

Power mirrors

Motorized mirrors enable the driver to change their place with the touch the a button. This kind of an innovation also enables you to conserve your wanted mirror settings.

Why are driver and passenger side mirrors different?

The driver’s next mirror features a flat mirror if the passenger’s next mirror has actually a convex mirror. Because the driver is seated close to the side mirror on the left, the reflection native a flat mirror is accurate. The passenger’s side winter can’t it is in flat since the distance and angle of the driver’s chair will an outcome in a distorted reflection.

Common attributes of vehicle mirrors

Here are several of the features you should think about when selecting a replacement mirror for her Honda Accord.

Heated glass

Since manually chipping ice from your side mirrors can damage the mirror and also its plastic housing, the industry invented heated next mirrors. Heated next mirrors attribute an interior warming device that removes snow, fog, and also ice native the mirror’s surface.

Anti-glare mirrors

Anti-glare mirrors, additionally known together day/night mirrors, manage the amount of light reflected ~ above the driver’s eyes. These dedicated mirrors are set up on an edge to prevent the complete brightness of sunlight and headlights native blinding the driver.

Auto-dimming mirrors

This an innovation uses sensors to detect the levels of ambient light. If the resource of irradiate is as well bright, the electrochromic gel surrounding the mirror immediately dims the reflection.

Built-in lights

Side mirrors may additionally come with integrated turn signals and also puddle lights.

Finding the ideal Honda Accord mirrors

There have been ten generations that the Honda Accord, each with parts of differing sizes. Usage our search engine to discover the ideal rear-view and also side winter for her car. Simply plug in your car’s year, make, and model to browse through relevant parts.

How lot do Honda Accord mirrors cost?

The expense of Honda Accord rear view and also side mirrors varies depending upon your car’s year and model. OEM instead of parts commonly cost almost everywhere from $70 come $700. Next mirrors are typically sold in set of two, while rear view mirrors are offered individually. When it"s possible to download this component on your own, we recommend consulting a reliable mechanic for ideal fitting.

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When must rear view and side winter be replaced?

A driver must constantly have a clear and unobstructed view of the road. Cracked and also obscured mirrors can limit the driver’s view and become a security hazard. Steering a vehicle with a damaged mirror might not it is in illegal, however it makes it considerably harder to make transforms or switch lanes. Piece of the winter can likewise get jostled and break turn off while driving.