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well does it and also where is that if the does? 2002 ranger xlt. It states in the manual yet I think its simply a generic thing and also I"m not sure where to lookDan

Your Ranger walk not have a cabin filter. The is discussed in the generic booked Maintenance Guide, not in the Ranger Owner"s Manual.
ya, ranger and explorers dont have actually one.some escapes have actually them, taurus, windstar...thats all i can think of ideal now.
my wifes ford forus zx3 has actually one. Eventho girlfriend gotta to buy it and also install that bc from the factory it didnt even come through a filter in there
it would certainly be quite to have a hepa filter in there. My alergies in the winter wouldnt be therefore bad...
it all relies on the vehicle. A garage i offered to work-related at installs them and also some take like 5 mins and ive checked out some actual pita.most are under the hood,under the key on peak of the fire wall.and constantly make sure you seal lock up fine after u replace one.
I"m not sure if it"s accessible for a ranger or not? yet on the F150s (96-04) you have the right to buy a kit from ford and also put one in. Not a tough job in ~ all.Rich
I think it would certainly be a PITA to download one. There"s no accessibility to the intake area in any type of easy way to make a mounting, and also there is no currently mounting. It would likely involve several disassembly to readjust or clean together a filter through our device design.
It would most likely be much easier to custom build something in the vicinity of the pan box fairly making a stock one to the right somewhere. Remember the CO2 filter in Apollo 13?
Hey that would look sweet! Corrugated tubing to run everywhere..."it"s a practice intake/cabin snorkel mechanism I can deploy for full immersion underwater crossings...soon I"ll have actually the periscope however torpedos are tough to come by..."

John, I have the right to so watch you do the efforts something like that. I deserve to just watch this bouy floating ~ above the water with an intake, exhaust, and filtered cabin air tube attached to it.

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Its most likely more trouble 보다 it"s worth, ns did a couple of on vehicles that offered it together an add on, it was sort of a rig if girlfriend ask me, i didn"t prefer cutting right into a perfectly great heater box to make room for filter the no one missed on front models. I have actually seen rather a few of the factory filters clogged so bad that they almost stopped waiting flow and disrupted ideal AC function. If girlfriend live in a dusty area, be prepared to readjust the filter often, I had actually one client that would clog a filter every couple of weeks. They resided in a wooded area with many pine needles, pollen, and also dusty gravel driveways. Keep in mind as well that if you truck has actually AC, the evaporator core, which is wet with moiture when the AC compressor is on, (usually ~ above in every positions exept dash vent or floor heat), does wonderful job of trapping dust and also pollen too. All of which should go the end the AC plenum drain. I have actually pollen allergies, and also mayself could never call the difference in between a vehicle with or one there is no a filter while driving. I would likewise prefer to have actually unrestricted ventilation in a auto over a filter the will have to be replaced consistently at an included expense to me. Sort of one less thing to go wrong in my opinion.