i got check engine light, as soon as I diagnosed that ave me code P0119 faulty and also pending, additionally gave me P1289 pending, therefore I number it the end the etc should it is in changed, i bought one and also to replace it I need to situate it top top the engine.

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This picture should help. My referral says that the P1289 code describes the Cylinder warmth Temperature sensor. P0119 refers to the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor. Examine out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us understand if you need anything rather to acquire the trouble fixed.



below is a overview that will aid with this but Ford call this a cylinder head temperature sensor on this engines:https://www.aramuseum.org/articles/coolant-temperature-sensor-cts-replacementPlease watch the info below on the place and procedure on how to change the sensor. Please let us recognize if you have actually other questions on this. Thanks

This is a pretty common question due to the fact that Ford walk not contact it a coolant temp sensor. They speak to it a cylinder head temperature sensor. Right here are a pair guides the will assist with the step by step portion of instead of a typical sensor: https://www.aramuseum.org/articles/how-a-coolant-temperature-sensor-workshttps://www.aramuseum.org/articles/coolant-temperature-sensor-cts-replacementHowever, the location of this sensor is in the cylinder head. Please take a look at the information below. Allow us understand if you have actually questions. Many thanks
I require to know where to find the cylinder head temperature sensor, the waiting intake temperature sensor, the camshaft position sensor a circuit bank (p0340), the throttle pedal place sensor/switch, and the evaporative push sensor (p0453). Also, deserve to you call me what KOER means on the emissions test?
an excellent afternoon, i attached the areas of the sensors girlfriend requested.The press sensor is on optimal of the fuel tank.Codes hardly ever identify bad parts, simply failed systems. Walk you have actually all this items tested and confirmed failed?I would like a perform of the password and assist you through them.Roy
Hello, KOER was standing for vital On Engine Running. In the diagrams down listed below I have consisted of not only printed locations for all the sensors girlfriend requested, i have likewise included a diagram with the sensors emphasize on the callout for you. Please get ago to united state if girlfriend have any type of other questions, or to let us understand how everything turns out.Thanks, Alexaramuseum.org
make the efforts to situate engine coolant temperature sensor on my SUV detailed above xlt model. I simply keep getting information for F-150 and/or simply newer 보다 1999.
You've gained a cylinder head temperature sensor under the intake, and also may or might not have actually a coolant temperature sensor ~ above the intake. The cylinder head temperature sensor is generally the sensor the the power-train manage module watch at, yet on part applications it can be the one and only sensor, the PCM can network the information to the tool cluster. Right here are 2 pics of these sensors. To remove the cylinder head temperature sensor the intake will have to be removed.
The engine coolant sensor is a high fail item which is replaced frequently at any type of repair garage. This sensor is responsible for causing a computer breakdown which can...
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