Dodge Durango

The Durango to be marketed as a sturdy truck-based SUV design to organize up to 7 passengers and also tow up to 7,500 lb (3,400 kg) once properly equipped. The Durango shared a prior end, tool panel, and also front seats through the Dakota pickup on i m sorry it to be based. Initial designs of the eight-passenger Durango featured a rear-facing third row comparable to numerous older station wagons. To do room because that a more practical forward-facing third row, dodge shortened the length of the prior doors and raised the roof 2 inches beyond the front seats, permitting for stadium seating. The Durango"s roof rack to be designed come mask the appearance of the increased roof.

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The 4.7 together Magnum V8 changed the 5.2 l Magnum V8 engine for 2000; however, the 5.2 was still easily accessible in the early 2000 models. In that very same year, a distinct AWD performance version dubbed the R/T to be released v a 5.9 l Magnum V8. In 1999 and also 2000, a limited-edition Shelby S.P.360 variation was readily available that featured a supercharged variation of the 5.9 together Magnum V8 engine. Calculation is 360 hp (270 kW; 360 PS) and 412 lb·ft (559 N·m) that torque. Exterior modifications include distinct wheels, tires, suspension, and also bumpers. It came standard v Viper blue repaint with two racing stripes down the facility of the truck. It boasted a 0 to 60 mph time the 7.1 seconds. The peak speed to be 142 mph (229 km/h).

Model year changes

For 1999, the Durango to be made available with two-wheel drive. A 3.9 together Magnum V6 engine was available, but few were sold. Minor alters were produced the 2nd year, two new paint colors and also notable options accessible including 6 in × 9 in (150 mm × 230 mm) heated rear view mirrors and steering wheel-mounted radio controls. Animal leather seats came to be standard ~ above SLT add to models, and body-color wheel flares became standard ~ above SLT Plus and also four-wheel drive models.


2001 evade Durango

The 2000 design year contained a new 4.7 l Magnum V8 engine replaced the 5.2 l Magnum V8 together the typical engine for four-wheel journey models. The 3.9 together Magnum V6 engine was no longer available, leaving just V8s for the remainder of the manufacturing run. The high-performance Durango R/T came equipped v a performance-tuned 5.9 together Magnum V8 and also all-wheel drive.

For 2001, Dodge focused on inner upgrades together Durango"s interior trim panels, dash placed controls, instrument panel, overhead console, and also steering wheel were every redesigned. The transfer situation selector on 4X4 models adjusted from a manual bar on the console to a move on the dash. The instrument cluster was updated and an electronic automobile information facility was included into the overhead console. For improved rear passenger comfort, a dual-zone climate control system was included as conventional equipment. Sound systems were enhanced on all models and also now come standard through SX speakers. Various other minor changes include door panels, revised seats, aluminium wheels, and minor changes to trim options.

In 2002, the brand-new SXT variation of the Durango was offered as the entry-level trim package. Optional next curtain airbags were added for safety. The 2003 Durango featured minor mechanical changes, many notable was the enhancement of four-wheel key brakes.

Trim levels

1997-2003 - SLT: Most basic trim level the the Durango indigenous 1998-2000. Included an easy features. Midrange trim level that the Durango from 2001-2003. SLT emblem.1997-2003 - SLT PLUS: most luxurious trim level that the Durango native 1998-2003. Contained luxury features. Based on the SLT trim level. Never ever featured one SLT to add emblem, but only one SLT emblem.1999-2000 - S.P. 360: based upon the Durango R/T trim level and also designed through Shelby, added a human body kit and much more performance features. Based on the R/T trim level. SHELBY and also S.P. 360 decals. R/T emblems deleted.2000-2003 - Sport: much more basic trim level of the Durango indigenous 2000-2003. Included straightforward features. Based on the SXT trim level. Sports decals.2001-2003 - SXT: Most straightforward trim level of the Durango native 2000-2003. Included basic features. SXT decals.2000-2003 - R/T: most "high-performance" trim level of the Durango native 2000-2003. Included luxury and also performance-oriented features. Based on the SLT add to trim level. R/T emblems.

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The SLT, SLT Plus, and also Sport trim levels available the 3.9 together Magnum V6 engine together standard equipment (late availability beginning in 1999), through the 5.2 L and 5.9 together Magnum V8 engines being obtainable options, later switching come the 3.7 together Power-Tech V6 engine, through the 4.7 l Power-Tech V8 engines optional. The R/T and S.P. 360 trim levels included the 5.9 together Magnum V8 engine as typical equipment.


1997-2000 - 5.2 together (318 cu in) Magnum V8, 230 hp (170 kW) & 300 lb-ft (410 N-M) that torque1999-2003 3.9 together (238 cu in) Magnum V6, 175 hp (130 kW) & 225 lb·ft (305 N·m) that torque1997-2003 - 5.9 l (360 cu in) Magnum V8, 245 hp (183 kW) & 330 lb·ft (449 N·m) of torque2000-2003 - 5.9 together (360 cu in) Magnum V8, 250 hp (190 kW) & 345 lb·ft (469 N·m) that torque1999-2000 - 5.9 together (360 cu in) super load Magnum V8, 360 hp (270 kW) & 412 lb·ft (559 N·m) the torque2000-2003 - 4.7 l (287 cu in) Magnum V8, 235 hp (175 kW) & 295 lb·ft (400 N·m) the torque


42RE 4-speed TorqueFlite automatic - 3.9 l V645RFE 4-speed RFE automatically (2000-2002) - 4.7 together V8545RFE 5-speed RFE automatic (2003) - 4.7 l V844RE 4-speed TorqueFlite automatically - 5.2 l V846RE 4-speed TorqueFlite automatically - 5.9 l V8