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^^^Relay Location, one of em is the fuel pump couldn"t remember i m sorry so pull em all)Once that is pulled, revolve the key to run position and you have to NOT listen the fuel pump element (sounds like a whine/hiss noise). If friend don"t hear the congrads you uncovered the right relay. Then continue to begin the truck like normally. It might have enough reserve press in the lines to actually start it and also run because that a 2nd or 2 or may just crank for 3 seconds. Either method you just relief most the the pressure.----OR----Ive likewise heard you deserve to just not worry around the push as that is not much volume for this reason some civilization just litter a rag roughly the filter nuts and also start cracked the currently till fuel comes out and also letting it drain that way. I don"t choose this an approach as its quiet under pressure and spraying fuel doesn"t seem too an excellent of one idea to me and then your stuck to a fuel soaked rag lol crawl under the truck through your wrenches (sorry i cant remember the sizes) line wrenches are the finest but can be done with well fitting constant wrenches. I occur to usage 2 crescent wrenches but the filter was readjusted 50K earlier and we put anti-seize ~ above the connections, but much more on that later.Locate the fuel filter, should be ~ above the chauffeurs side frame rail ~ above the inside(the flex fuel trucks ive heard is different but not sure 100% ~ above that)

Its the deserve to looking point with the plastic strap roughly it.Take your wrenches and also hold the filter still v one while trying to unscrew the other that"s top top the line. Be mindful not come round turn off the nuts! go progressively so girlfriend don"t twisted off and break the line. Once you crack them open gas is tho going to come the end so have actually a pan ready just crack it a bit and let the drain.Once you obtain the connections off the filter you should pop the plastic hold-down open up with the flat screwdriver so the line is somewhat cost-free to wiggle around.On mine the tank side link the nut wouldn"t turn on the line so I simply left it and also got the engine next to rotate on the line. I simply undid the front, closely got the line out of the means and simply spun the filter off the tank side connection.

On mine ns couldn"t obtain the stupid plastic filter holder turn off the frame rail so I just made a reduced at the peak so I can kinda snap it in. Helps greatly and still walk its job. You can kinda watch the plastic hold down wherein the 3 currently come together in the picture.Compare the old with the brand-new making certain you gained the right one

When you walk to put the new one on take special care that you put it top top the ideal way. It should have actually a note telling you the direction of flow on the filter or in the filter directions if any.

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Installationis reverse of what you did to acquire the old one off. Usage anti-sieze (but not too much) ~ above the heat threads and where the nuts revolve on the lines so the following 30K + miles when you have to do this again it makes it ALOT less complicated to do.
finishedpic, i loaded the nuts up with anti-sieze however waterproof grease would work too to avoid rusting.Plug the relays earlier in (or fuse) and also turn the crucial to the run position however do no start.You have to hear the fuel pump element (whine hiss every little thing you desire to call it) once its done check to make sure it isn"t leaking anywhere. If the not begin the truck and let it run for a small bit make certain there"s no leaks and whatnot.If over there isn"t your done!
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