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Under typical use, the serpentine drive belt have to be inspected at around 45,000 mile or after 3-4 year of service. If not replaced at this time, the belt should be confirm each added year or 15,000 miles. Under severe and off-road conditions inspect the belt annually. Once diagnosing serpentine journey belts, small cracks that run across ribbed surface ar of belt indigenous rib to rib are thought about normal. These space not a reason to change the belt. However, cracks to run lengthwise along a rib (not across) room not normal. Any kind of belt through cracks running lengthwise along a rib should be replaced. Additionally replace the belt if the has extreme wear, frayed cords or severe glazing.

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Warning: spring tensioners have to not it is in disassembled because of high spring tension. The tensioner unit is serviced together an assembly.

4.0 I-6 Engine:



4.0 Engine belt routing and tensioner relax location

4.7 V-8 Engine:



4.7 Engine belt routing and also tensioner relax location

Belt removal and also replacement:

NOTE: If noþeles differs in between the pictures shown above and the Belt Routing label (located in the engine compartment), use the schematic top top the Routing Label.


1. Disconnect negative battery cable native battery.

2. Using a 15mm socket wrench (1/2″ drive breaker bar or ratchet for the 4.0), revolve belt tensioner clockwise till it contact its stop. Eliminate belt, then slowly rotate the tensioner right into the freearm prevent position.

3. Install brand-new belt. Course the belt approximately all pulleys other than the idler pulley. Revolve the tensioner arm clockwise until it contacts its prevent position. Route the belt around the idler and slowly let the tensioner rotate into the belt. Make sure the belt is seated onto all pulleys. Inspect the entire belt path to make sure it is seated properly on the pulleys.

4. With the journey belt installed, inspect the belt wear indicator (see diagram below):

On 4.7L engines, the tensioner is equipped with an indexing tang on earlier of tensioner and an indexing protect against on tensioner housing. If a brand-new belt is being installed, tang need to be within about 24 mm (.94 inches) that indexing stop. Belt is considered new if it has been used 15 minutes or less.

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On 4.0L Engines, the indicator mark must be in between the minimum and also maximum marks. The tensioner arm has actually three marks. ~ above installation that a brand-new belt, the twin line marks near to every other have to be very close come the note on the base. The belt should be replaced if the solitary line note lines up with the mark on the base.


Serpentine belts

EnginePart #Model YearMSRP
4.0LP/N 4854033superseded by:P/N 4854033AB1999-2004$65.50
4.7LP/N 53032037ACsuperseded by:P/N 53032037AIsuperseded by:P/N 53032037AKsuperseded by:P/N 5135745AA1999-2003$62.35
4.7LP/N 53032037AJsuperseded by:P/N 53013905AA2004$28.70
Belt tensioner assemblyNote: change belt when replacing tensioner
4.0LP/N 4854089AB(Tighten bolt come 250 in. Lbs. (28 N·m)1999-2004$102.00
4.7LP/N 53030958superseded by:P/N 53030958AC(Tighten bolt come 30 ft. Lbs. (41 N·m)1999-2004$66.70
Part number in bold space the encourage and/or latest component available

(Note: prices listed are because that reference functions only and may differ by dealer. MSRP prices are existing as the April 2014. Parts are not obtainable from this web site)