Hi, typically while preserving a vehicle it is argued to have the time belt readjust at 90K miles. Carry out we need that because that HONDA's VTEC engine as well that is installed in the Accord. Someone said that us don't really need it in Accord but I am no sure. Please indicate me the same.Regards, Sharadendu

hello Sharadendu,As lengthy as it provides a time belt, it have to be replaced according come the encourage mileage. Below is a guide to assist you step by step with indict in the diagrams below to present you just how on her 4 cylinder. Here is a overview to help you step by action with indict in the diagrams listed below to display you just how on her car.https://www.aramuseum.org/diagrams/honda/accord/2000Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you require anything else to get the problem fixed.




ideal after I had actually my timing belt changed I began noticing a pair similar noises. Ns couldn"t take it it back to the mechanic b/c I had it done the end of town. The first noise comes once the engine is cold and also I start the car. It lasts for a split 2nd and sounds choose a loose or negative belt. Its a high pitched screech. The second is very seldom. I"ve noticed it much more in cold temeratures. The is the very same sound except its prolonged, typically for around 5 seconds at least. I"ve found that if I revolve my AC blower off the sound walk away. Ns have had all my belts checked, but they came earlier and claimed there is nothing wrong through them. I"m perplexed.
hello chrisfarley, The AC/Alternator belt is not properly adjusted. Because that multiribbed belts, over there is a propensity for misadjustment. I would certainly recheck and change the belt again.
perform I need to change the time belt? I understand that Honda proposal $100,000 or 7 years. Yet my mechanic is informing me that time (and weather) is no an issue due to the fact that of some type of protector for the time belt. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
yes! The time belt is recommend every 7 years or 105k miles, better to it is in safe now then sorry later. If the timing belt breaks you will certainly be ending up instead of the engine. There"s no protector because that the timing belt.
fully stock componentsRepair:Timing belt instead of (first timer).Noticed no free movement that idler pulley? (Slick pulley situated up and right of crankshaft) Figured maybe with belt anxiety it couldn't be relocated by hand.Completed jobUpon start: loud growling indigenous under timing belt covers.Upon inspection and also removal of covers that the engine alignment is currently off.Question: exactly how do i correct the alignment the the engine? any type of idea on reason of sound?
therefore the time belt idler pulley was not turning with the belt anxiety on it? I would certainly say that would certainly be normal. Room you certain the sheathe was not rubbing? also what exactly did friend replace?
thank you because that the rapid reply. My first thought was that the idler pulley has seized and also there to be too lot tension ~ above the belt making the sound. My next thought was that the timing belt is no pushed earlier quite enough and also it is rubbing top top the cover. Have to I examine anything rather visually?Any thoughts on the engine misalignment? i did loosen the passenger side motor mount and also tried moving the motor with come follow me straps but I had no luck.Is there a method to donate money for your assistance?Thanks again.
that should have actually a automatically hydraulic tensor correct? also when I replace the belt I only remove the optimal engine mount and also never have any engine mountain alignment issues. You never ever said the precise parts friend replaced? i will discover out how you deserve to donate lock were claimed to add a donation link on the questions.
components replaced: water pump, idler pulley, guide pulley (?), Auto tensioner. Yes just the optimal mount yet I to be nervous about this misalignment about the alternator in this picture:
i cannot watch the whole picture it is no coming up. Girlfriend did not eliminate the old alternator did you? I never ever remove the alternator.
the is tough to tell native the pictures. Go you put floor jack under the engine to support the engine?
Yes with a item of hardwood in between. Ns am afraid probably I did not support it enough/correctly. I am supplied to mine BMW's weak aluminum pan so ns was a small hesitant. Can I resolve that issue?
without seeing an ext it really renders no feeling to me the it wont line up from just removing that top mount. I have done the that means on the Honda's v6 and also 4 cylinder and never had a issue. What exactly is no lining up?
i am walking to change the timing belt on this car and also I to be wondering what rather to change. Ns know about the water pump. Walk the tensioner have to be replaced also if the feels fine? What would certainly be readjusted in the honda shop?
Hey Andy, expect this helps, I have a 2001 honda accord and also this up comes week i am getting my time belt changed, in ~ the 105000 mi matinance, if you gain this excellent at the dealership, friend will gain a finish belt change on everything, water pump readjust and spark plugs must be changed out as well. I would advise getting work excellent at the dealership, my price for this is approximately 720.00 but do bare in psychic that when do at the dealership you obtain a 12mth/12000mi guarantee on those parts! hope this helps!
acquired my time belt, serpentine belts, and also two engine mounts changed at a neighborhood repair shop (was fee 650) yesterday.Immediately after i took the car, it started making noises when steering (and i think the steering wheel vibrates with the sound, and also the noise is louder when the auto is walk slower/starting up). The noise isn"t constantly loud, however its worryingly loud countless times, and also constantly, there is a noise.When i went back to the male who made the repairs, he confirms the "steering wheel pump" is broken, and that it has actually nothing to perform with the repairs (of course!). He says he will adjust the pump for the price of the part only (no labor).
follow to Mitchell, all they removed was the belt to change the timing belt. If the didnt make the noise prior to hand girlfriend can try to obtain him come cover the entire cost, bu the most likely wont. What walk the noise sound like? Is it a schreeching noise? check the belt tension to be certain it is ok an initial and the it isnt short on liquid
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