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Hey everyone. I have a 2000 Chevy impala LS with a 3.8 engine. Around 2 weeks earlier my car would no start. I turned the vital and every the electric came on favor normal yet the engine would certainly not revolve over and the starter didnt sound favor it to be trying come turnover. So i replaced the starter critical week and it worked fine for a week till yesterday it started doing the exact same thingAny tip of tips?
First examine the relationships on the starter come make certain nothing has come loose.The ground route for the starter is with the engine block and starter case. If the negative cable attachment or the area the starter mounts is dirty or has paint on the you will certainly not gain a an excellent ground. The will cause slow cranking, no cranking and also a many frustration.
Starter top top this vehicle is operated by CRANK relay in underhood fuse block. You have to monitor the ppl cable to the starter and also verify power in the crank position. If you have no power, you possibly have actually a poor crank relay, bad connection at underhood fuse block, or also a faulty PCM. The PCM is what grounds the control side the the relay to placed power with the relay come the starter. Also, if the PCM is no receiving the signal from the ignition move indicating crank request, the PCM will not activate the starter relay. This is presume you"ve confirm all the basics and you understand for certain you don"t have any theft deterrent issues. If you understand someone through a an excellent scanner, you have the right to monitor every the inputs and also commands for this circuit.
As a former computer tech who had actually to occasionally wear a grounding strap durring the winter main in Florida (when a cold front lugged in cool dry air come the state and long prior to these artic blasts that have killed alll vegitation in the state). Has actually anyone believed that the computer chip in our new ignition tricks being fried through static electrical power from a spark once we stick the crucial in the automobile door (not everyone offers the auto locks). I wonder if a dead vital would cause the concerns he is having.I recognize nothing about OBD computer controlled cars as I only know just how to run a screw driver.Big Dave
Thanks for all the an essential doesnt have a chip in it however i will monitor the electronics and also see what happens..thanks again

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hey guys I am having the same trouble with mine 00 impala, it has 172k on it, and also the 3.4L, having actually the same concerns as the guy above with the vehicle not starting, whenever the feels favor it, however I have likewise actually had actually the automobile start a few times, and also the guages do not occupational at all, then when I shut off the car, it will not start again for a while. I have actually replaced the alt, batt, ignition switch, no the ignition cylinder though, starter and also I have also done the "bypass" procedure for the passlock system. The problem is extremely weird, i have had actually it hooked approximately scanners, but none that them present anything, I have actually been told that the scanner would need to be hooked as much as it as soon as the trouble is actually happening (which is impossible, how am I supposed to gain a scanner to hook as much as it once its not running there is no buying one of my own????) anyways this is a huge problem v GM and I would really as with to find a cheap, or complimentary fix that would finish this B.S. You re welcome anyone the has any type of ideas let me know, I have actually tried whatever it seems like. And also the dealer wants to charge me $600 because that a possible solution, can work, might not.tmbrockett, native what I have read up and also been researching for myself it seems to it is in something most likely with the passlock sensor. Their is yes, really no solution to these troubles without happen it into GM, i m sorry realy sucks. Anyone the end there that knows aid us!!!!!