I'm trying to situate the power steering reservoir on mine 2000 Impala. Sounds basic enough yet on the 3800 motor the reservoir appears to be hidden. I simply want to check the power steering liquid level.

Hello, The reservoir and fill cap with the dipstick is top top the pump itself. Right here are diagrams to assist you watch what i an talking around below. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us understand if you require anything else to acquire the difficulty fixed.



many thanks for the post! I uncovered it. It's below the alternator and under 2 black color hoses. Hard to see particularly when all is covered in dirt/grime.
I placed transmission fluid were strength steering fluid should go, what perform I do.The power steering bar was just below min line and also I add transmission fluid.
I gain stuck in the mud, us were able to rock and also push the auto out. As soon as we drive away ns noticed I had no strength steering. The belt is not broke and also the liquid level is fine, was a small low but included some. Us washed the underside and wheels to get out every the mud. Still have actually no strength steering. Progressed Auto stated they don"t know why I have actually no power steering if my belt is no broke and my fluid is fine, no help. Any help or suggestions would certainly be substantially appreciated!
Well first off permit me simply say that ns am by no way a mechanic but I do have a 2000 Chevrolet Impala through 170000 miles myself and I have pertained to find out that the things that require replacing are practically always the exact same thing ~ above every impala. If your belt is not broke than most likely it is one of two people the strength steering pulley or the power steering pump and also to the best of my knowledge also if it is just the sheave you will have to replace the entirety power steering pump.
just how do i flush the power steering system. Ns have drawn fluid the end of the pump and replaced. Tho dirty and also dark. Joe
My mam drives the car all of the time. She is complaining around "a stutter" in the steering as soon as you turn the wheel. Ns drove it and felt what I call a quivver as soon as turning. I attracted fluid the end 6 times and also it cleared up. The fluid however turned dark really quickly and the wife said the feeling is coming back. I believed that clearing all the old out would maybe clear it every up. The dealer has actually a flush kit the they will carry out for $165.00, gift handy I thought I"d take it a stab in ~ it. Joen
No, no binding. As you turn the wheel, the feeling is no smooth. The much longer you hold the turn, the much more pronounce the "Quiver" is felt. I speak to it a quiver, a stutter. You feeling it in the steering wheel.
OK, this is 2006 Impala. Transforming to the left is whereby the emotion is pronounced. Together you rotate the wheel you feeling something every 1/2 turn to the stop. That feels likea unstable spot. Not a bind however a rough spot. The turn is no smooth, and also not feel if you revolve to the right. Is over there a universal joint or other that could be in require of lubrication? Joen
You need to never alter any type of hoses as they room designed through a specific purpose in mind, why carry out you desire to execute this anyway?Mark (mhpautos)
simply a reply to the stumper the the week. The noise and feeling in the steering, was led to by the intermediate steering shaft. The dealership had to take it a many stuff off, in order to get to the shaft, yet with the instead of in location the noise and feeling in th3e steering space gone. Thanks for listening, JoeN
Wow! Im having actually the same trouble, Is it problem the dealer will need to repair? What"s the approximated cost? Is it an easy fix?
after ~ the fix, i checked and this was an problem with mine 03 Silverado. So far both were done while under warranty. The wife"s ceo who has actually an Impala, same year had the shaft and also idler arm replaced. Follow to she they are an issue as are the intermediate shafts. Just one an ext thing to placed on the inspect list. I wish i could assist with the price, yet the dealer would not provide me one. I guess they have actually two prices, warranty and non-warranty price. Good luck. JoeN
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