My blazer is not throwing any kind of heat, what could be the problem? I deserve to hear the blower motor running. The temperature is at regular operating temp and the hoses under the hood, one feeling a little warmer than the other yet not a totality lot different. Please aid

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Hello, This sounds choose you have a temperature mix door actuator the is out and also needs to be replaced, right here is a guide to aid you obtain the task done. is where the actuator is on your car.Check the end the diagrams (Below)Please permit us know if you need anything rather to obtain the difficulty fixed.Cheers, Ken

yes I deserve to feel the air blowing from the vents and the speed matches the blower setting. I just replaced the thermostat this evening but it is quiet blowing cold air.

Well, if the engine temp is normal and an excellent circulation v the heater core, I"d have actually to inspect the heater control valve, wherein applicable, and also the mix doors.

say thanks to you I checked the temperature blend door actuator and had it changed by mine neighbor no he heater works! YA! i love this site.
mine 2001 Blazer heater will not heat. Engine warms up. Fan works, but only cold air. There to be no symptoms -- just started.
There room a couple of possibilities;The thermostat is grounding open. If you have actually a temperature gauge you can eleimanate that one.The heater main point valve is stuck or the cable that actuates it is not working. Check for the heater hoses near middle of firewall. One will have a sphere valve top top it. Someitmes the clamp that holds it in ar comes loosened or it gets stuck. Check out if you deserve to move that by hand, only once engione cool, and do so gently. Check under the dash and also make sure that the cable from the heater regulate thatr actuates the temperature is connected and seated properly. Check other cables, particularly the heater crate door cable, to make certain they space connected and seated in clips.
The heater control is in reality electric. Ns am providing you v the wiring diagram. Follow the left many fuse at the top and also it will go down to the heater control temperature solenoid wchich has location on it. I believe it is on heater box. So, inspect the fuse, then the wires and ground because that tight corrosion cost-free fits and also grounds should contact clean metal. Then I would certainly suspect the control solenoid.Before instead of it go acquire the problem codes pulled. You can gain this done for complimentary at any Adavance Auto or Auto Zone.
It"s right now in the low 40s. I begin my car to defrost it for 10 minutes. I come earlier out and also the windows room not defrosted. I switch to the fan v the warmth on and also I obtain cold air. Exact same thing when I move it come the AC. What space some feasible causes for this issue and what would certainly I it is in looking at in price for fix (Unless it"s something any person can fix)? Thanks.
There room a couple of possible causes. Check coolant come ensure that is in ~ the correct level. Likewise make certain that the coolant is gaining warm ~ engine has been running. Check hoses for leaks/loose fits. If every is an excellent then your vehicle might need a brand-new thermostat or heater core. The first few things friend should be able to do yourself. If no one of those work and you finish you require a new heater core or thermostat, the price for parts are fairly low yet the labor expenses are high as result of the difficulty of installation.
The heater in my chevy is not working. Ns have adjusted the thermostat, the coolant level is full. I think the heater core is fine. I think it may be waiting mix mode door might be stuck and also not shutting every the way. Where deserve to I located? and also is this possible?
Hi:I will certainly assume the engine is running at a typical operating temp, and the blower engine is working. To inspect the role of the doors, girlfriend will should craw under the dash, recognize the HVAC duct work, and also remove that to obtain into the doors. Prior to doing that, however, through the engine at common operating temp and the heater on, make sure both heater hoses are obtaining hot.Let me understand what girlfriend find.Joe

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Hello, Having difficulties with gaining heat come blow out of the vents.When I revolve the warm on, i only get cool air. As soon as the blower motor is turn on, it sends air to wherein I direct it via the knob. Defrost, leg, etc.The A/C works properly.A little more in depth, - The present that run off the heater main point from the firewall do not gain hot at all. The heat that have to feed coolant into the heater core (off the entry manifold) does not even begin to obtain warm, needless to say the return line ago to the water pump is cool as well.- The van is no overheating. It also does no take a real long time because that the truck to acquire up to temp. Ns don"t think it"s the themostat.- I perform not smell coolant in the cab that the vehicle.- I flushed the heater core just a few months ago, with press (water nozzle). I was actually surpised that ns did not get a lot of nasty gunk coming out like you hear a many folks talk about.- I changed the thermostat much less than 2 month ago.- The entry manifold was replaced a little before i did the thermostat.- Coolant levels are complete in radiator and also overflow tank.- upper radiator hose acquire plenty hot.I plan on grabbing a brand-new rad cap and reflushing the heater core, just as a "hey, this is the straightforward stuff to remove first" sort of thing.Will more than likely take the inlet heater main point hose fully off (from firewall and intake) and also see if thats clogged. - This was an intermittant problem when it really first began. I might not obtain heat come come the end the vents ~ above the way to work-related in the morning however on my method home ns was then obtaining heat.- might it possibly be the water pump?- I have actually read v a haynes hand-operated (not an extremely useful for this topic) the only thing i did find was a cite of a means to test the water pump was to just basically view if those 2 lines were warm.