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Hi guys. I"m brand-new in the forum. I would prefer to recognize if the 99 Corollas to be equipped through cabin air filters. I freshly bought a 99 Corolla with 124 K miles and my vehicle mechanic claimed to me the 99 Corollas were no equipped v Cabin air filters for A/C. If anyone can burned some light around this It would be substantially appreciated because of the reality that ns was hospitalized in the previous with legionella early out to poor A/C condition and my lungs space now really sentitive to poor air quality.Victor
I like to live in ~ my means, and also with the the very least amount the trouble, that"s why i LOVE TOYOYTA :rockon::thanks:


I forget what its referred to as its not a cabin waiting filter i think the the ac filter however stick her head under the glovebox and look up at the dash you might see a couple of pins stop in a 3 item filter under over there at least i gained one in my 02.

Tried to replace the cabin waiting filter in mine 02 Corolla the critical owner exhilaration in the automobile so ns bought a replacement filter and took out the glove box just to discover no filter to replace.
Tried to change the cabin waiting filter in mine 02 Corolla the last owner smoked in the vehicle so i bought a instead of filter and took the end the gloves box just to find no filter come replace.
Yeah I obtained a 1999 vault smoker, have tried vinegar yet the system has actually these foam parts approximately the switch. Ns think the tobacco stench would never come out of there yet am going to shot and clean everything else. This is all I can afford in ~ the moment and never owned a automobile with a cabin filter would certainly be nice to gain one
You need to try ozium wait sanitizer. I"ve used it in the past. Go take an entire can. There"s other assets out there the are offered as a fogging release until can is empty. Don"t introduce it here.

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