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do 99 cherokees have actually fuel filter in the tank or is in that box on the driveside framework rail side under the rear seat area? if its no in there and also in the tank what is the box??? thanks
ok reading the book lol says there is one in there but no stated maintenance interval because that 97 and also on . It also says the system needs ot it is in depressurized who has done this ???

The way i have done that is at the fuel rail. Im not certain if its the right method but simply push the tiny valve down and also use a paper towel to catch the fuel and wear glasses therefore nothing gets in your eyes.

The way i have done it is in ~ the fuel rail. Im not certain if that the right means but simply push the small valve down and also use a document towel to record the fuel and wear glasses therefore nothing gets in your eyes.
thats a buck or two of fuel wasted!!! :rofl:, seriously tho the is probably the fastest method to carry out it tho

The filter are part of the fuel pump assembly. I"ve seached and there are part numbers to change it however you"d must pull the assembly indigenous the tank. At that point, the time and cost the the filter, it would be better to just adjust the totality assembly.The box close to the tank you room speaking the is the vapor canister/seperator.An easy means of removed the pressure in the tank is by removed the fuel cap. You"ll listen it release (hissing) the pressure. You would certainly still have actually some left in the lines but not enough where you"d acquire blasted by it.
im to run fine ns guess . You certain lyon no filter ~ above the outside. Dont do me go look

The filter is on the journey side frame rail by the gas tank. Girlfriend don"t have to depressurize the fuel rail, yet fuel will certainly squirt out. Their is additionally a filter before the pump, but it"s a mesh display that doesn"t should be replaced.

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Go ahead walk look. It"s not there. Uneven someone ran a brand-new line and also installed one, the initial is in the tank. Its part of the assembly.1999 Cherokee fuel filter instead of - JeepForum.comWhere is the fuel filter located on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee
The very first generation XJs had an external fuel filter attached come the left structure rail close to the fuel tank. The 2nd gen (97 up) XJs have a fuel filter that is component of the fuel pump assembly and it is interior to the specified maintenance interval on the interior filter.
ok reading the book lol says there is one in there but no stated maintenance interval because that 97 and on . It also says the mechanism needs ot be depressurized who has done this ???
It is attached come the fuel pump within the tank as a fuel pump assembly v a fuel gauge sending unit, fuel filter/regulator and also fuel pump. There is no maintain interval between 0 - 120,000 mile ...I remember reading recommendations for fuel filter replacement room for when replacing the fuel pump ..The fuel filter is a mix fuel filter and also pressure regulator. If your going to change by chin or together an assembly, there are procedures listed in the Jeep company manual ... I would certainly test the fuel device prior to re-installing the fuel tank, if other is not working correctly, fuel press / delivery, drain-back check valve(s) (holds pressure while the engine is not running), engine starting, etc. Climate you might need to pull the tank again to fix any problem(s).____two approaches I have used come release push from the fuel heat ..Drained fuel into a clean container indigenous the release valve ~ above the fuel rail. Another an approach ..1. Eliminated fuel cap2. Relieved push from the fuel to fill tube cap (using non-metallic object) 3. Gotten rid of fuel pump relay (PDC - power dist. Center)4. Began engine, ran till it stalled5. Tried to restart engine till it would certainly no much longer run