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Does anyone have procedures of remove the input manifold on mine 1999 Ddge ram 1500 5.2L? I need to readjust the intake gaskets. Im acquiring misfire codes and I have currently did the TSB"s rerouting issue. Any type of websites or diagrams will be very helpful. Thanx...


way to walk Randy !!!!! you space the man.. BTW this is the deal with every 5.2 and also 5.9 requirements to carry out .. Addressed my 97 large time
:smileup: thanx fellas. I had lots the oil in mine intake manifold, at least a 1/3rd of a quart. The reduced gasket had eroded. Below is pics.

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Well currently im finished putting everything ago together. It wont start, but cranks. Ns did revolve the crankshaft to Top-Dead-Center before any removal the stuff. I assumed I to be going to need to remove the distributor assembly, yet did not have too. Might I have messed up timing or one injector no working? any ideas below fellas? my fuel pump come on and also battery is fine. I just tried it now at 5:05PM and it started however you need to keep gas pedal down a little to continue to be running. Any kind of hints? Well now it cranked and also I drove it... Probably air was in the lines and had to work-related itself out of the fuel currently or rail...????? 6:30PM
Not come hijack this thread which will certainly be very help when i acquire the tranny in and do the plenum fix, but what is TSB rerouting?
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