Hey i was functioning on a 1999 caddy deville and also replace fuel pump and also not getting any kind of fire come the fuel pump. I checked all the relays and the fuse under the hood is there another relay that is some wherein esle on the car, aiso check the fuses in the trunk, i test the relays v a check light and also where the fuel relay goes their is no fire there. Dont see any kind of crack wire or any kind of thing perform the oil sending unit has any thing to carry out with that

check the fuel pump relay socket pink cable if there"s strength nothing here and also the fuel pump fuse is an excellent the pink wire is open between the fuse and relay socket

The fuel pump fuse is in the relay panel under appropriate side of dash. 20amp fuse we gain your feedback

Ran the end of gas ~ above 1999 deville, will not start. Readjusted fuel pump and filter. Not getting power to fuel pump. Cannot locate fuel pump relay. Have the right to you help?


The fuel pump relay is in the underhood fuse block, in prior of the left front(driver) strut tower. It is either under the flap the provides accessibility to the mini fuses, or you need to remove the plastic cover. There will be a sticker top top the underside that the cover, the legend for the fuse relay center.
discovered it guys, Thanks! i tried come swap the replays yet still won"t start. Require to have a mechanic trouble shoot the electrical sys. A neighbor stated the fuel pump has actually no power. Can be a modulator?
Yes, if fuel pump relay or fuse is negative then it will certainly not let the fuel pump acquire power to have the ability to pump fuel come engine.
Electrical problem V8 two Wheel drive Automatic power functions for a couple of seconds on one side however other side has no power.
The couple of seconds is normal as the ECM controls the relay to construct rail pressure in anticipation of cranking. Check the fuel pump fuse in the underhood fuse center. If that is blown, you might have a short, yet it is more probable the the fuel pump has high resistance and is illustration too plenty of amps and also opened the fuse.
I adjusted the fuel pump relay and also fuse and also I m still no getting any type of fire to the plug ! What should I do
Hello, below is a wiring diagram that display where the power is comes from which looks like a fuse. Here is a overview on how to examine for powerhttps://www.aramuseum.org/articles/how-to-use-a-test-light-circuit-testerCheck the end the diagrams (Below)Please permit us know what friend find.Cheers, Ken
electrical problem1997 Cadillac Deville V8 94000 milesMy 97 cadillac Deville shut under while driving and I had actually the fuel Pump replaced. However the trouble is the I deserve to not gain fire come the fuel pump. A gas rag at the accelerator body will start the automobile until the fumes runs the end I replaced the relay and also checked all fuses and cannot obtain fire to the tank.
might be the computer fuel pump regulate circuit of the relay, additionally check the oil pressure sending unit.
my 1996 Cadillac Sedan Deville is not pumping gas into engine, ns have readjust the battery and the fuel relay and also now there is no curint going come the relay. What might be avoiding the curint indigenous going into relay?
If over there is no strength to the relay, inspect to make certain the wiring under the relay block hasn"t come loose. If it is good, you must trace the wiring until you discover where the rest is located.
Engine mechanically problem1993 Cadillac Deville V8 former Wheel journey Automatic vehicle just died and now will certainly not start. Will certainly crank over but now fire. Pulled the fuel heat to do sure acquiring fuel but only acquire pressure because that 2 seconds then no fuel. Would certainly this be the pump or possibly the relay? many thanks for the help
It mean to element the engine for 2 secs-check the fuel push with a gauge and also comeback through the readings
Engine power Problem1984 Cadillac Deville V8 2 Wheel journey Automatic ns Have changed The Ecm, Map Sensor and Fuel Pump Relay...

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