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Could be. Yet check the wire from the sending unit the controls the fan. (I recognize I stole that answer indigenous dandyoun on a very similar question, and that was the problem)click come enlarge

My 1996 Deville had overheating issues. Boring hole with thermostat but then uncovered out there was a tiny belt situated under a sheathe that had broken. No one knew that existed and also we uncovered it through accident. I think they stated it was on the water pump. Small item but automobile runs well now and has no overheating issues. However, the ac/heating pan does not come on.... Haven"t addressed it yet as I keep getting if this and if the answers. Observed a video where tampering v the buttons on AC/heating could reason this too happen... Actually, world pushing all those connected buttons in the wrong sequence can reason this problem according to that video. Will get around to solving it someday.

I went off topic because that the relay location. Ns can"t find the image as in the owner manual, can"t copy and paste from a pdf. Yet Download and see chapter 6 page 58 -

I havd a 2000 Cadillac seville that fans will certainly not rotate on and the vehicle runs very hot in ~ time yet it stays at 12:00 climate moves up gradually when stoped in traffic as soon as i start relocating my temp moves ago to 12:00 idk what to do n i need my vehicle thanks

Ok here"s what"s going on. You have actually a fault code in your acm device that"s what controls the auto climate, the a/c compressor and the engine cooling fans. Very first thing to execute is revolve the crucial to run. Press and hold the auto/econ button while simultaneously pressing the red temperature warm button. The system will the start displaying every ecm pcm tcs acm and so on codes consisting of obd. In ~ the end of the perform of every little thing codes room there it will prompt you come pcm clean codes? If you press up (fan blade speed increase

I haven"t do the efforts this an approach yet, yet I was wondering what rather if anything could be bring about a/c come blow warm air and cooling fans no working?

what go on when i rotate my automobile on and my temp remains at 12:00 till i start moving about 20 feet mine temp auto falls to the red and likewise theres a water leak under my passenger feet rest under the glove compartment

I have Cadilac Deville 2003 and also in warm weather the has tendency to overheat. It has actually 2 an effective electric cooling fans. My concern is - When should they revolve on? They appears to it is in on ONLY once air-conditioning or defrost is top top .The temperature gage never ever goes past the regular point, yet in warm weather and some hill driving the starts cook over.I understand that this engines (NorthStar) have actually this problem. Can it aid to turn on the cooling fans (by turning on defrost / air air conditioning ) or would certainly that make things even worse?I know that air-conditioning will develop even much more heat, however the fans on may an ext than compensate for the ??

1996 cad sedan deville the left pan runs yet the appropriate fan perform not run execute that typical that the fan is bad

GuruT28H6 answered around a month ago1996 cad sedan deville the left fan runs yet the ideal fan carry out not run execute that mean that the fan is badNo. That doesn"t typical the fan is bad. You can have a short in the wiring harness, a bad relay, a poor fan electric connector, or maybe, a poor fan. The easiest means to inspect the pan itself is to attach a 12 v. Resource directly come the fan"s plugin connector. (I supplied a corresponding pigtail and a vehicle battery.) If the pan runs climate the problem lies elsewhere. Please keep in mind that there room YouTube videos spanning this topic and also pay fist to every objects that could intrude in the fan"s operating space.

GuruT28H6 is right, could likewise be a bad ground, yet a simpler method to check the fans is to simply disconnect the coolant temp sensor harness,and her fans must run on high speed. I have actually been driving my 2000 STS like this because that the last two months,l don"t recommend this for long term since you have don"t know what the coolant temp is ,car has not overheated since.bought a after market cooling fan temp sensor relay kit to put on.Especially because I had the head gaskets excellent on mine 2000 STS 3 year"s ago, and also my 2001 DeVille 5years ago.

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