1998 Pinnacle Mint was a 30-card and also 30-coin set that was the second iteration of Pinnacle Brands, Inc"s (unsuccessful) effort to appeal come both map collectors and also numismatists with a single set. Each base card had a see oriented, team-colored design background through a circular die-cut hole where the player"s corresponding coin was supposed to fit. The coins come packaged in a 2.5" X 3.5" plastic holder in packs.

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There to be 1 subset - Rookies - in the set.

There were no significant Rookie Cards in this set.


Hobby: 16 packs every box, 3 cards + 2 coins per fill (MSRP $3.99)

Retail: 24 packs per box, 3 cards + 1 coin per fill (MSRP $2.99)

Blaster Box: 7 packs per box, 3 cards + 1 coin per load (MSRP $19.99)

Insertion RatiosCardsTotal CardsNumbered ToHobby OddsRetail Odds
Brass Coins30-2:11:1
Nickel-Silver Coins30-1:411:41
Gold Plated Coins30-1:1991:199
Brass Artist"s evidence Coins30500??
Nickel Artist"s evidence Coins302501:481:97
Gold Plated Artist"s proof Coins30100??
Solid silver- Coins30-1:2881:960
Solid yellow Coins30one-of-one1:47,0001:94,000
Gems Coins6-1:31N/A




Six promotional cards and also three coins were dispersed exclusively come dealers and Hobby media a few months prior to the release of 1998 Pinnacle Mint. These cards have the native "SAMPLE" printed diagonally on the back, yet there is no special noting on the promo coins.

12 Greg Maddux 14 mark McGwire 17 Mike Piazza 18 Cal Ripken, Jr. 22 Frank thomas 24 Larry pedestrian

Brass Coin Samples

12 Greg Maddux 14 mark McGwire 22 Frank thomas

Base Set


1 Jeff Bagwell 2 Albert Belle 3 Barry binding 4 Tony Clark 5 roger Clemens 6 Juan Gonzalez 7 Ken Griffey, Jr. 8 Tony Gwynn 9 Derek Jeter 10 Randy Johnson 11 Chipper Jones 12 Greg Maddux 13 Tino Martinez 14 mark McGwire 15 Hideo Nomo 16 Andy Pettitte 17 Mike Piazza 18 Cal Ripken, Jr. 19 Alex Rodriguez 20 Ivan Rodriguez 21 Sammy Sosa 22 Frank thomas 23 Mo Vaughn 24 Larry pedestrian 25 Jose Cruz 26 Nomar Garciaparra 27 Vladimir Guerrero 28 Livan Hernandez 29 Andruw Jones 30 Scott Rolen



All 30 basic cards were available in the following parallels:

Bronze silver Gold

For every parallel, the die-cut feet was replaced with a foil-stamped team logo design in the particular parallel color. Silver and also Gold parallels both featured a silver paper finish and also a corresponding Silver Mint Team or gold Mint Team foil message on the map front.


In addition to cards, each fill came through 1 or 2 coins (depending on understand or sleeve pack). Each coin was obtainable in the following metals:

Brass Nickel-Silver Gold-Plated Brass Brass Artist"s proof (limited come 500 coins) Nickel Artist"s proof (limited to 250 coins) Gold-Plated Artist"s evidence (limited to 100 coins) heavy Silver


each Artist"s proof Coin (Brass, Nickel, Gold-Plated) is stamped v "Artist Proof" ~ above the earlier to distinguish them from the conventional coins. The production numbers were exit by Pinnacle at the moment of release yet the coins us were no serial-numbered. The hard Silver and also Solid gold coins are made the one solid troy ounce of actual silver or 24-carat gold. The production numbers of the Solid silver- Coins was no revealed. The Solid gold coins were not inserted directly into packs; rather they were derived via redemption cards. However, because of the bankruptcy that the Donruss/Leaf/Pinnacle parent firm in 1998, very few of the Solid gold Coin exchange cards were redeemed.



Brass coins were an alloy of copper and zinc and also had a dull yellow color that looks similar to the illustration of yellow gold.



Nickel coins to be made indigenous the silver-white crystalline steel that looks similar to the figure of silver.

Gold-Plated Brass


Gold-Plated coins were brass coins extended with a slim layer of 24Kt yellow gold.

Brass Artist"s Proof


Brass Artist"s proof coins were an alloy of copper and also zinc and also had a dull yellow shade that looks similar to the appearance of yellow gold. Because that differentiation, these coins were stamped v "Brass Artist Proof" and "1 of 500" on the back.

Nickel-Silver Artist"s Proof


Nickel-Silver Artist"s proof coins were made native the silver-white crystalline metal and also looks comparable to the figure of silver. For differentiation, this coins to be stamped v "Nickel silver Artist Proof" and also "1 of 250" ~ above the back.

Gold-Plated Artist"s Proof


Gold-Plated coins to be brass coins covered with a slim layer of 24Kt yellow gold. For differentiation, these coins to be stamped v "Gold bowl Artist Proof" and also "1 the 100" on the back.

Solid Silver


Solid silver- coins to be stamped with "FINE SILVER" ~ above the back and were randomly placed in packs.

Sold Gold

Solid yellow coins to be one-of-ones that were sent out to collectors in exchange because that the Solid gold Coin Redemption card randomly placed in packs.




This 6-player card and also coin collection honored the major award winners indigenous the 1997 season ~ above a silver- foil card.

1 Ken Griffey, Jr. 2 Larry pedestrian 3 roger Clemens 4 Pedro Martinez 5 Nomar Garciaparra 6 Scott Rolen gems Coins


Each player in the jewel insert additionally had a jewel Coin compliment. Uneven the base set however, the jewel Coins room only accessible in brass and the images stamped on each Gems Coin enhance the photo on the player"s respective Gems card. The jewel Coins to be exclusive come Hobby packs only.

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Chipper Jones Benefactor Card


This special Chipper Jones card was obtainable through a mail-order market on 1998 Pinnacle Mint packs. The card might be ordered because that $9.95 to add a $4 shipping and also handling charge. 25,000 Dufex cards to be produced however the map is not serial-numbered.