Eddie spent 35 years in the automotive organization with Honda. He is an ASE Certified understand Technician and has bruised knuckles to prove it.

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Your “check engine” light comes on as soon as your car’s onboard computer system (or PCM, Powertrain control Module) documents some type of problem. This onboard computer runs your vehicle so that it has optimum fuel economy and low emissions. The PCM creates a code indicating what part or system is malfunctioning (electrical system, oxygen sensors, and so on). Your technology can gain the code from the vehicle and also look up its meaning.

In the meantime, you’re most likely wondering: what room the possibilities? Is there something going on in your vehicle or in your life that motivated this “check engine” situation? Where should a mechanic begin looking to discover the problem?

The very first Two inquiries to Ask you yourself if the examine Engine irradiate Is On

Is the auto running normally?Is the \"check engine\" irradiate flashing?

10 Diagnostic inquiries to asking If your \"Check Engine” Light come On

After you've identified if your automobile is to run normally and whether the irradiate is on or flashing, asking the remaining questions.

Has your automobile been in the shop for company recently?Have you sustained your automobile recently?Did you perhaps overfill your fuel tank?Have you installed any brand-new electronic gadgets recently?Did your “check engine” irradiate come on after ~ driving v a deep puddle?Do girlfriend have extreme humidity in your vehicle caused through a water leak?Do girlfriend live in a rural area whereby there are numerous critters?Are various other warning lights illuminated on the dash?Did your automobile sit for a long duration of time there is no anyone steering it?Were friend the last one come drive your car?

What walk the check Engine irradiate Look Like?

Don’t confuse her \"check engine\" light v your maintenance reminder (a light that goes on automatically to remind you it’s time for a routine service). If you’re not sure, inspect the table of contents in your owner’s manual, under “warning lights.”



This tiny yellow irradiate (labeled \"maintenance indicator\") is not the \"check engine\" light (1991 Honda Accord)


How Long can You Drive v Your check Engine irradiate On?

Is the vehicle running normally? If your vehicle is running normally, and you have actually no trouble driving it, the difficulty is not so significant that you must panic. That course, you should not neglect the light; it is warning you of some trouble with the emissions system. Once the irradiate is on, your automobile runs on default parameters, not optimized to minimize emissions and increase mileage, and also so you won’t gain the gas usage the car is designed to get. Just speak to your mechanic or dealer to make an meeting within a reasonable amount of time.Is the \"check engine\" irradiate flashing? If it's flashing, it way you have a significant problem and you really should not be driving your car. It's flashing because it's speak “STOP!!! Hey, Look at Me!!!” It’s saying her catalytic converter is being damaged. It’s more than likely a an excellent idea to call a tow truck at this point; friend don’t want to include to the expense of any type of repairs that will certainly be needed.

What go the inspect Engine light Mean?

The examine engine irradiate is a light the the engine computer uses to represent that over there is miscellaneous wrong. They space orange, amber, or yellow, and not to it is in ignored!

How to Reset the check Engine Light

The only way to \"reset\" the examine engine irradiate is by resolving the trouble causing it. Thus, the 10 factors I list below may aid you reset your inspect engine light.

Why Is My check Engine irradiate on? 10 factors Why Your inspect Engine light On

1. Has actually Your car Been Serviced Recently?

If your automobile has been in the shop freshly for service, it’s quite possible the technician has actually caused your \"check engine\" light problem. Periodically a technician will forget come reinstall a connector to a sensor, or no snap the connector back together completely. Or the or she might knock a connector loosened while act a boy service.

On older Hondas, the oxygen sensor is directly listed below the oil filter, therefore a technician removing the oil filter for a regime oil adjust might spill oil ~ above the oxygen sensor. It’s simply possible, though no common, the a technician clean everything oil turn off the sensor damaged the somehow.


On this 1991 Honda Accord, you can see just how the oxygen sensor (little rat-tailed item) is located directly below the oil filter. You deserve to imagine how easy the is to dump oil on it.


2. Have You fueled Your car Recently?

If friend didn’t tighten the fuel cap enough (or forgot to put it ~ above altogether!), the can cause your \"check engine\" light to come on. Every Honda fuel caps have a ratcheting machine built right into the cap to accomplish a an excellent seal and also keep girlfriend from over-tightening the cap. As soon as tightening her fuel cap, be sure to revolve it enough to listen at the very least three clicks; that ensures the ideal torque was applied. If your check engine light is on, simply examine your fuel cap to make sure it is turned three clicks.

3. Did you Overfill your Fuel Tank?

If you’re one of those world who prefer to top off the fuel tank, you should break that habit, specifically if you very own a more recent Honda. As soon as the gas pump shuts turn off automatically, the tank is as full as it needs to be. To store gasoline fumes out of the atmosphere, modern-day United states cars are compelled to catch the fumes and also recycle them right into the engine to it is in burned. Overfilling the tank have the right to spill fuel into tiny vacuum lines and filters, i m sorry in turn can clog emission tools (like the \"evap canister\" being changed in the 3 do-it-yourself videos in ~ the finish of this article). Soaking these tools in petrol will reason the \"check engine\" irradiate to come on. Replacing the damaged parts can be costly, but the time spent diagnosing the problem could be even an ext so.

4. Have You mounted Any new Electronic gadgets Lately, or had Them set up by a Professional?

Everyone likes all the brand-new gadgets obtainable for cars these days, like backup cameras, thunder-booming stereos, remote auto starters, high-intensity-discharge headlights, and rear entertainment systems, to surname a few. It’s just feasible that the human being installing your an equipment may have actually blown a fuse, or worse, may have actually tapped right into the dorn wire and caused the dang \"check engine\" irradiate to come on again.

Check to check out that all electronics in the vehicle are working correctly (e.g. Dash light, 12-volt strength supply, internal lights). If every little thing is functioning properly, I would certainly either test all the fuses (using a test light or a voltage meter is the fastest way to perform that) or return the car to the human who go the work.

5. Did her \"Check Engine\" light Come on after ~ Driving through a Deep Puddle?

This isn’t common yet it does happen. ~ driving for a if on the highway, your exhaust deserve to get exceptionally hot; if you then happen to drive with a deep puddle, the is possible for water come cool the oxygen sensor also quickly and crack the material inside the sensor. The oxygen sensor is located under the vehicle, commonly in or close to the catalytic converter wherein the temperature can exceed 600 degrees. If this sounds favor your scenario, take it your vehicle to the dealer or your regional mechanic.


You deserve to see both oxygen sensors, front and also rear, one in the front pipe prior to the catalytic converter and the other is in the center of the catalytic converter. If friend hit a puddle deep enough, you could actually submerge the sensors.


6. Do You Have too much Humidity in Your automobile Caused through a Water Leak?

Water top top the prior or back carpet in your auto will frequently be comes from the prior of the automobile somewhere; water flows in the direction of the ago because the acceleration, and because the floor is tapered in the direction of the behind of the vehicle. If the water is only visible top top the behind carpet, the leak may be in the rear of the vehicle.

The many common reason of a water leak is the windshield; occasionally a freshly replaced windshield will leak.

If a leaky windshield drips water on one ECU (Engine control Unit) fuse box or any type of other control unit, this will cause an ECU failure and your “check engine” light will certainly come on. Water is very damaging to all electronic gadgets (just drop your smartphone in water and also see what happens).

7. Perform You Live in a rural Area where There Are several Critters?

Critters can reason all species of problems in cars, from horrible smells come chewed wires. If girlfriend live or job-related in an area whereby mice, rats, chipmunks. Or 설 설 can obtain into her car, they can wreak destruction on your cars’ electrical systems. Given the chance, critters will build nests and store food for the winter, and also for some reason, they choose to chew wires. In fact, some auto manufacturers assemble cable harnesses wrapped v mouse-deterrent tape, no kidding. It’s not completely effective but it’s a start. If a critter chews the appropriate wires in your vehicle, it will reason the “check engine” irradiate to come on, and an high value bill! replacing a wire harness is daunting and time-consuming.

Signs that critters in your vehicle are:

bad odorsacorns and nuts (or dried dog food) stored in the engine compartment or gloves boxchewed carpetingloud noises when the heating or wait conditioning fans come on. Critters are well known for structure nests inside blower engine assemblies, leading to all type of problems.

8. Are other Warning lights Illuminated top top the Dash?

In some cases, a fail in another component or system can reason your \"check engine\" irradiate to come on. Multiple warning lights illuminated ~ above the dash don't necessarily typical multiple problems, therefore don't panic. The lights might all be led to by a single problem: because that example, if her alternator is not charging, or if it’s over-charging, that could reason low or high voltage in the system, i m sorry would cause many lamp to come on.

9. Did Your vehicle Sit because that a long Time there is no Anyone control It?

Cars that sit for a long duration of time room susceptible to a plethora that problems. Critters move in, batteries walk dead, tires walk flat, brake rotors end up being rusted and also cause a pulsation when applying the brakes, pulleys rust and cause belts to squeak, and also the list goes on. If your vehicle sat because that a while, your \"check engine\" light could come on because a sensor or solenoid is stuck, or for various other reasons. Have it watched by an moral mechanic; they room out there, girlfriend just have actually to discover them.

10. Were You the critical One come Drive your Car?

If girlfriend were not the last one come drive your car and also the \"check engine\" light is on, you must start questioning questions. Sometimes household members or friends who borrow your automobile spill soda or coffee on the console without telling you. On part Hondas, the ECM/PCM (engine manage unit/powertrain control unit) is located below the center of the console, and sugary drink can damage this expensive manage unit.

Check Engine irradiate P0303 Cause

Automatic Scan Tool: compose Down the Code

If you have a buddy, friend, uncle, or cuz the can inspect the code because they have actually a scan tool, make sure you compose down the code because if you decision to erase it, you’ll want to understand what it was when the irradiate comes back on (and if it’s an worry other 보다 a loosened gas cap, the difficulty will generally come back). It’s good practice because that you and good information to offer your mechanic.

Buying a Scan tool to translate \"Check Engine\" Codes

If you want to try and diagnose the problem yourself, you will require to number out with the diagnostic code is telling you. Below is a overview to understanding the codes.

You will likewise need a scan tool. If you decide to purchase on, select one that will certainly last because that years. Vehicles are only getting much more sophisticated every year, so arrangement for the future. The OBD2 device covers 1996 and later cars (the OBD1 device that covers older ones might be included, depending upon the device). I recommend trying to find these four time- and also money-saving features:

A display that has a summary of the cause of the warning light, and the code. This conserves you time from having to look increase the summary that goes with the numerical password in a publication or on the computer.LED display screen for state emissions readiness check and also drive bicycle verification. This feature will permit you recognize if it will pass an emissions test.Battery backup that will save the password in the machine after girlfriend disconnect the scan tool, so you deserve to review it and analyze it far from the vehicle (even if girlfriend forgot to compose down the code)A USB cable to upgrade the information in your scan tool from your very own computer. If girlfriend can't update the scan tool, it will certainly be obsolete in three years.

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Questions & Answers

Question: our 2013 Honda Pilot was saying “check fuel cap” for a few days, so we maintained trying to tighten it. Ultimately the engine light come on a week later. We replaced the fuel cap v a brand-new one purchased from Honda. The engine light is tho on and also it was replaced 2 job ago. Walk the device need time come reboot itself or need to we be getting the vehicle looked at?

Answer: If the light doesn't go out within 3 days, you may need to have the system tested for other little leaks in the system or parts that space not working correctly.

Question: The engine light came on and showed the check emission mechanism message. I saw AutoZone to check the code. It verified P0420. They stated it’s the Catalytic Converter and also Exhaust Flange Gasket. I just had my emissions inspection about two main ago, and also it passed. Ns filled up through gas yesterday. Is over there anything that would reason this that would certainly correct itself? I’m a solitary mom and also want to examine anything ns can prior to I spend the money to take it to the shop.

Answer: The leaking exhaust gasket could be the cause of your problem. I recommend having that leak resolved first. Then, drive the automobile for a couple of days to watch if the irradiate goes the end on that own. If that doesn't, you might need to have actually further experimentation done. It's possible that friend only need an O2 sensor, and not the catalytic converter, however the O2 sensors needs to be experiment by a mechanic who knows exactly how to test them.

Question: can a broken PCV valve cause the \"Check Engine\" light to walk off?

Answer: Yes, if the PCV valve is broken your engine will have actually a stormy idle since of the vacuum leak, and also it will reason the examine engine irradiate to come on.

Question: The check engine light came on in my 2005 Honda Accord. What might be wrong?

Answer: There space a most things that can reason the inspect engine light to come on. Some common issues room O2 sensors, evaporative emissions leaks, a loose gas cap, a misfire, spark plugs, low coolant, etc. I recommend having the password checked; that will allude you in the best direction.

Question: Today as soon as I began up my 2000 Honda civic LX, the engine light went on. Ns just had a new distributor set up last week. When driving it today, there to be no noise, and it had actually power. Ns did fill the gas tank increase yesterday, and I go hear the gas lid click a couple of times. Today is Sunday. So mine mechanic has actually not looked in ~ it, or to know what is walk on. What perform you think???

Answer: If the engine is to run well at idle and when driving, most likely you have an evaporator leak in her emissions system. The code your mechanic will probably be either a P01456 or P01457, canister or canister vent close up door valve.

Question: The inspect engine irradiate on my Honda CR-V 1997 go on recently. The automobile runs fine. I lugged it come the mechanic, and also he said me over there is an problem with my airbags? However, I thought the SRS light indicates an worry with chair belts or airbags. What execute you think?

Answer: discover a new mechanic, the SRS light is the warning device for the airbags and seat belts. Have another mechanic pull the password from your computer, and also you will be able to diagnose it from there.

Question: have the right to a short oil level cause the check engine irradiate to come on?

Answer: It's feasible because part engine materials use oil push to work, so if the oil level is low, the component will certainly not work-related properly.

Question: I have actually a 2011 Honda Accord. Both my engine light and traction manage light are on. What could this be?

Answer: The examine engine light will revolve on the traction manage light. Ns recommend getting the password checked because there room a most things the can cause the examine engine irradiate to come on. As soon as you recognize the password it will suggest you in the appropriate direction.

Question: I had my automobile serviced after the check engine light came on. They claimed it was fixed, however when i drove it, the irradiate came ago on. I took it back again and also they operated on it. When I acquired it back, the inspect engine light to be out. I had actually my emissions inspection and they i found it the examine engine light was no lighting up. I think the mechanic disconnected it. How have the right to I call if that disconnected it?

Answer: Every time you start the car, the examine engine light should illuminate climate go the end - this is dubbed a pear check. If the mechanic disconnected the light, you will not see it when beginning the engine.

Question: I have a 2006 Honda Oydessy. The examine engine light came on and showed every cylinders misfiring. We adjusted all ignition coils and also spark plugs. Perform codes must be clearing in order because that the irradiate to walk off?

Answer: Yes, or journey the car for three complete drive cycles, the engine starts at cold and also all the method to operation temperature, then ago down to cold is one cycle. If the password does no clear after three drive cycles, you might have more than one problem.

Question: I have a 2009 Honda CR-V and the oil press switch and timing chain was replaced and also the check engine light is tho on? What might be?

Answer: There space several factors for the examine engine light gift on, friend will need to have the code review from the cars data link connector, as soon as you have the code it will point you in the direction that the problem.

Question: I have a 2002 honda public ex-coupe. My inspect engine light was on a couple of days back so I put engine coolant in the reservoir, and the light went off soon after driving it later that day. Currently the check engine is ago on. What could be the problem?

Answer: ns don't think it had anything to do with the coolant. You'll need to have the code checked and also it will allude you in the appropriate direction.

Question: I have actually a 1999 Honda Accord LX with 74,000 miles. The examine engine light is on, but the engine runs smooth. I've changed the vacuum canister and also solenoid valve, and have a new gas tank cap. When I reset the irradiate it continues to be off because that a while but then comes ago on, what could it be?

Answer: no all examine engine lights are led to by a leak in the evaporative system or gas tank. Periodically it's resulted in by one O2 sensor, misfire, spark plug, spark plug wires, etc. If you understand the password it would aid to diagnose her issue.

Question: I have actually a 1996 Honda Accord and the engine irradiate is flashing and when I avoid at a red light the automobile shakes and it feels choose it is walk to die what have the right to the difficulty be?

Answer: every little thing it is, you shouldn't drive it with the inspect engine light flashing, you can cause much more damage. You'll require to have the password checked to provide you one idea the what the fail is.

Question: mine husband and also I desire to to buy a Honda accord 2007 v 214,000 miles for $6,000. Throughout the check drive, they had to jump the battery which led to the radio to require a code, and also when ns turned top top the heater the engine light come on. Do I have something to problem about?

Answer: Yes, you're paying too much for a vehicle that has 214,000 on the engine and also transmission. Ns recommend detect something with a small less mile for the price.

Question: i \"topped off\" mine gas tank and also my engine light has actually been flashing together with the non-flashing, triangular VSA warning for 5 days and also approximately 45 miles. My car runs fine, no inexplicable noises, etc., though I perform not get the normal ECO irradiate for economic situation fuel use. If this was brought about by overfilling the gas tank, will certainly the difficulty vanish ~ above its own? If not, exactly how do I find a mechanic acquainted with the computerized warning system?

Answer: If the examine engine light is flashing, this method you space doing damages to the catalytic converter, and also the vehicle should it is in towed to a garage. I recommend the manufacturer's garage because they have the tools to diagnose the system. The trouble you are having is not led to by overfilling the gas tank. Your engine is misfiring and is not burning every the fuel the is going right into the cylinder, that's why the irradiate is flashing: it's warning you the there is a damaging problem.

Question: my 2008 Honda Odyssey engine light come on, and a few weeks later started flashing. Over there is part light blue fluid coming out. What can the problem be?

Answer: If there is light blue liquid leaking ns recommend you gain that checked first, it's feasible you're low on coolant. The check engine irradiate flashing might be something various or could be connected with the coolant leak. Ns recommend you have actually the vehicle towed come a garage and also had these things checked prior to driving it again; I would certainly hate to view you damages the engine by steering it.

Question: my 1998 Honda Accord LX engine light come on this morning and also isn't walk off; it's no blinking at all. What execute you think the trouble is?

Answer: It could be anything indigenous an O2 sensor come an EVAP canister leak. Have the code pulled and also it will suggest you come the problem area.

Question: I have a 2013 Honda Accord Sport. Ns disconnected the battery, and also the check engine irradiate turned on. I believed it was because the readiness password cleared off. I heard when this wake up the light blinks and then turns off, but mine is quiet on, no flashing or anything. Can the readiness codes save it on till all the password are back to normal, or is the something else?

Answer: drive your auto for a few days. If the irradiate doesn't walk out, have the code checked, however drive it for a couple of days first; it may be something simple.

Question: The engine light on my Honda 2011 Pilot is on, and also the D irradiate for drive was flashing, however my car still operation regularly. The ECO light likewise turns on and off together I drive. What's the problem?

Answer: that all depends on the password stored in the PCM. If it's a misfire code, most most likely you'll require piston rings; it's an extremely common on the 2011s. As soon as the \"D\" irradiate flashes, it way you have a transmission code that could be a solenoid malfunction.

Question: after driving for about 20 miles on the freeway, the examine engine light on my 2010 Honda Accord began flashing. When I quit the car, ns felt the auto shake and rumble, however it operated fine while driving. I looked up the price in the manual, and also it says something might be wrong through the emissions Is this possibly it? have to I take my car to the neighborhood mechanic I use or come Honda? What do you think could be wrong and what space the possible costs to fix it?

Answer: There are a few possibilities because that this scenario. It could be a fouled spark plug, inoperative coil, faulty fuel injector, piston rings, etc. The inspect engine light is flashing due to the fact that there is a misfire and it can be causing damages to the catalytic converter. Ns recommend having the Honda dealer examine the code and give girlfriend an calculation of the price of the repair.

Question: I have actually a trouble no one have the right to solve. It's to be going ~ above for possibly the previous two years. The fuel cap will certainly go on. Climate a pair of days later, the inspect engine light goes on. I have actually tried brand-new fuel caps twice. Now, the lock doesn't work. I am wondering if over there is part electrical trouble going on?

Answer: If you understand the code, that will suggest you come the problem.

Question: my 1995 Accord EX inspect engine irradiate is on, might this cause my vehicle to shut off once I stop?

Answer: Absolutely, It could be a fouled spark plug, inoperative coil, faulty fuel injector, etc... It really depends on what is bring about the problem. Examine how the engine is running. If it's skip or hesitating that's a identify red flag.

Question: ns had fueled my car, and also the very same day the engine light come on. I don't peak off. I phoned the dealership, and they claimed to unwind gas cap and also put it back on. Ns did, yet the light is quiet on. Today, ns am instead of the relay/ fuse because that the air conditioner; it has actually been blowing heat air after the an initial ten minute of cold air. What is your advice ~ above the engine light issue?

Answer: because that the inspect engine light problem, you'll need to have actually the code pulled from the computer system if the light doesn't go the end after three days the driving. If it to be a gas cap code it would clear itself in about three work after the problem was addressed (tightening the gas cap). The AC worry is most most likely a problem with the compressor clutch. The compressor clutch is most most likely worn, and also the space is too wide to interact after the compressor is warm. The settle is to replace the AC compressor clutch or finish compressor assembly.

Question: mine 2008 Civic's inspect engine light came on today. I review your article and none of it appears to apply. It seems to be running fine?

Answer: If the engine is running common then the problem may it is in in the canister side of the emission system. Ns recommend having someone read the password on the cars computer with a scan tool to find out the code. When you recognize the password it will allude you in the ideal direction on what is failing in her vehicle and also is leading to the light to be on.

Question: ns filled up my 2012 Honda pilot, and the inspect engine light came on, why?

Answer: maybe you didn't tighten the gas cap three clicks? The only means to understand for sure is to have actually the code pulled indigenous the computer. If that is the gas cap, tighten it 3 clicks and also drive the auto for 3 days, if that was the problem, the light must go off, if no you'll require to have actually the code pulled.

Question: I have a 2002 Honda CRV adjusted the starter, alternator, and air water tap - the examine engine light comes on before beginning and doesn't go off. The automobile is running well. Is it simply a reset the is needed, or should I recheck everything?

Answer: absolutely recheck everything, journey it for 3 days, if the light doesn't go out, have the password checked.

Question: I have a 02 Accord, 4 cylinder. Ns am acquiring the p1259 VTEC code, yet the vVTEC assembly is ok. Also, the distributor is not obtaining power to the plugs. Could both these problems stem indigenous a bad ECM or PCM?

Answer: no usually, no. Ns recommend having actually the distributor base confirm for any play in the column and additionally check the ignitor. If every looks good, examine the main relay under the dash ~ above the driver's side near the steering column.

Question: I'm travel from MI come CA. I got as much as Nebraska, as soon as someone practically ran me off the road, and I suddenly had actually to accelerate. That's once the check engine light came on. The fluids space good, and the vehicle was running fine prior. What might be the problem?

Answer: The check engine light deserve to come on because that a many of different reasons. Ns recommend having it checked through a password reader, and also this will suggest you to the problem.

Question: I have actually a 2003 Accord that has not been driven for a while. The examine engine is on, and the automobile is all of sudden shaking. What might be the cause?

Answer: i recommend checking for any rodent damage or any signs there space rodents life in the vehicle and chewing wires: https://youtu.be/ZWd6XEszacQ.

Question: i took mine '93 Honda Accord LX to acquire smogged and also they did something to do the examine engine irradiate come on however now it won't go off. What can the trouble be?

Answer: I'm not sure what the mechanic did to cause the irradiate to come on, yet if it was an intermittent fail the light must go off after 3 days or three complete drive cycles.

Question: I have actually my Honda civic EX 2000 v the check engine light go on. I carried it it is in diagnosed, and also the result is P-0505 = idle air manage valve system. I'm a retiree, and don't have money to buy one more or gain it properly fixed. What have to I do? exactly what part should I acquisition if I want to deal with it myself?

Answer: I have a attach here from Youtube the will assist you recognize the IAC valve. The is situated on the throttle body in between the firewall and also intake; it has actually one electric connector and also two coolant hoses. Https://youtu.be/7DB-gtplptI

Question: What does code 6111 median on a Honda Accord 2013?

Answer: That would certainly be a generic code and also it doesn't even sound right for a share code. P0600 would have actually something to carry out with the data attach connector communication.

Question: I'm driving a Honda Jazz 09. Whenever i hit a medium hump on the road, the check engine light comes up, and the transmission becomes stagnant (meaning the doesn't shifts up). If ns hit the gas a little harder, the RPM goes up. I uncovered a quick fix, yet I'm no satisfied v it. I typically re-start the car (around 3-4 times) then the check engine irradiate goes off. Is this simply a loosened sensor?

Answer: the does sound choose a loose connection. Ns recommend checking all of the connections to the transmission, and also I typical inspecting every connector carefully for any corrosion or damaged pins. I additionally recommend check the liquid condition. If it's very dirty, friend may have debris clogging a port, and when friend hit a bump, it i do not care dislodged. This is simply a thought, however it's worth checking.

Question: I have a 1997 Honda public DX, and also the automatic check light is on. The vehicle runs good but has little slag in it. What carry out think it might be, probably the throttle place sensor is resulting in the slag and also maybe use of gas?

Answer: If you recognize the password it will suggest you in the appropriate direction. There are a many things the can cause a hesitation favor an O2 sensor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, distributor base, valve adjustment, etc. If you recognize the code, you'll find the problem.

Question: mine 2007 Pilot examine engine light came on today. I just changed the low beam headlight yesterday, could this it is in why? What could cause this to happen?

Answer: It's no the headlight replacement. Have actually an auto components store examine the code and it will overview you come the problem.


Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on respectable 29, 2020:

Hi Theo,

This is a shoot in the dark, but maybe the catalytic converter is clogged and also is bring about the problem? There space a the majority of things the can reason this trouble , yet what's monster is that the problem disappears when the examine engine light comes on, why? What is the code? What is the year, make, model, and also mileage?

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on august 29, 2020:

Hi Matt,

I don't think you did any kind of damage, if water gone into the cylinders friend would have actually cracked the block with an immediate shut-down. However, you need to consider including a water separator to the cold wait intake, and just for your information, if the motor to be damaged from this aftermarket cold waiting intake, most most likely the extended warranty company would not cover it, they will certainly say the auto is modified and the claim will it is in void, I see it all the time. Once driving with deep water the O2 sensors may have actually submerged and probably brought about the irradiate to flash, for this reason if the engine is running usually I wouldn't worry. Expect this helps, and keep me posted on any updates. Don't forget to add a water separator to the cold air intake, and make certain the fender liner is undamaged on that side, that will conserve your engine :)

Matt on respectable 28, 2020:

My 2014 Honda civic LX has the flashing check engine irradiate problem. It had been raining and also I had driven with some deep puddles. ~ pulling over and letting the cool because that 5-10 mins, I started it earlier up and also drove the home very carefully(under 3000 rpm and also less 보다 40 mph). The light never ever came ago on yet I am worried i may have a serious problem. The automobile is lowered 2 inches and also I have an AEM cold air intake that has the air filter best in prior of the vehicle drivers side wheel. Is it feasible I can have taken water into the engine? The filter is in an excellent condition. If i did take part water, is this the finish of the engine? If i did not take water, due to the fact that the light never came earlier on, what can have make the irradiate come on and the engine run stormy until shutdown? This simply happened so I will certainly have much more info tomorrow and in the comes days but I am very worried about a significant issue. The automobile may be able to be fixed as i am quiet under the expanded warranty but I can’t aid but feeling depressed.

Thank friend for her time and also consideration.

Theo on august 27, 2020:

Hi Eddie

I think I have serious challenge with mine RD1 ever because I changed my engine for an RD2 the engine checklight has not gone off and for a couple of year it has actually been performing well. Now the difficulty it recently developed is the so lengthy the engine check light is turn off it keeps on drops on speed and also feels irradiate chocking. I deserve to drive because that kilometres yet have to save on acquisition my foot on & turn off the accelerator to store it moving. Once the checklight mister up climate it's back on a common drive. What really might be the problem? thanks for your help.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on august 24, 2020:

Hi Nelly,

Bring it back to the mechanic therefore they can check their work, they need to remove a many parts, and also most likely they missed something or damaged something during the repair. Store me posted on what friend find, thanks.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on respectable 24, 2020:

Hi Happy,

Do you understand the code? Is the flashing? Is the auto running normally?

Happy on respectable 23, 2020:

All level is Okk yet but display me check in light

Nelly on august 22, 2020:

Had a new starter but in 2008 Hinda CRV by a Honda Mechanic. Currently the examine engine light is on, wasn't before.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on respectable 15, 2020:

Hi Chris,

Once the inspect engine light comes on that will cause the other lights together well. If your engine started cigarette smoking it is feasible you one of two people sprung a leak in the radiator or hose, you need to examine the auto to uncover out what permit go. Allow me know if you have an ext questions, thanks.

chris on august 14, 2020:


My VAS light, together with (!) exclamation point, and

\"check engine light \"came on. I quit within 2 minutes to look up the an interpretation when every one of a sudden my engine started smoking favor crazy.

Could it it is in the radiator?

It's a 2007 Honda CRV.

Maybe time for a brand-new car


Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on august 09, 2020:

Hi Olaleye,

I don't have actually a whatsapp account however you can email me, over there is a connect to mine email next to my photo at the peak of this short article page or you deserve to ask me noþeles in this comment box. Hope this helps

Olaleye Raymond on august 03, 2020:

Sir , I should tell you that I find this article an extremely useful , though i am an auto mechanic with small experience , I have obd2 scanner and I just gained my Honda 2008 pilot, if to make you available and available can I have your whatsapp number thanks and God bless

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire ~ above July 16, 2020:

Hi Paula,

You have a serious electrical issue or her battery is completely dead. Are you jump-starting this car?

Paula ~ above July 15, 2020:

My 2014 Honda Accord . As soon as I turn the steering wheel all the way , the screen inside transforms off and also it sorta obtain a small stiff . Sometime when I turn off my automobile I need to wait 20 min after due to the fact that then the automobile doesn’t turn on however when the happens i can’t even lock my vehicle .

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire top top July 10, 2020:

Hi Adam,

What is the code?

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire top top July 10, 2020:

Hi James,

If the check engine light come on it had actually to have stored a code, it's feasible the mechanic didn't desire to resolve your issue at the time. I recommend getting a little code leader from the auto parts store or Amazon and check that yourself following time it happens due to the fact that it will take place again. You can pick one increase for around $20. Allow me know if this will occupational for you.

James ns Chicago ~ above July 09, 2020:

On a 90 minute drive, my yellow engine light came on (not flashing). My gas mileage instantly started falling (though walk a steady speed on cruise control) and also ultimately dropped from 27 under to 23. It didn't come ago on if driving during the week approximately town on vacation, but came earlier on during the 90 minute journey home. I took my Odyssey into the Honda dealer, and they were unable come find any code, or any history of a password being stored. It's as if this never ever happened. They had actually no idea what to shot to fix, therefore they sent out me home and said if it wake up again to leaving the car on and also get the password scanned. Is this normal? miscellaneous is clearly wrong as the gas mileage has actually fallen dramatically.

Adam ~ above July 08, 2020:

I had adjusted the battery and the distributor and still the check engine irradiate is ~ above what should i perform now?

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire ~ above July 06, 2020:

Hi Bwalya,

Not generally unless the engine is to run poorly due to the fact that the dirty oil is clogging something. I recommend you have the password pulled, and also it will allude you come the problem area. Let me recognize the code once you traction it, possibly I can help.

Bwalya top top July 05, 2020:

Could dirty oil reason the engine inspect light to stay on because that a lengthy time.

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire ~ above June 17, 2020:

Hi Mjay,

I don't think spraying water caused the problem because engines room exposed to water really often. If you could retrieve the password I may have the ability to guide you come a solution. The code would certainly start like this; P0... Or P0420. There are many codes and it will certainly usually allude you to the problem area. Let me know, thanks.

Mjay top top June 16, 2020:

I had actually my 2004 crv’s hood open as soon as I pce water on windshield through a water tap yesterday, and this morning I have “check engine” sign, seems to be script 6, so what would certainly be the remedy? say thanks to you for your help!

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on June 14, 2020:

Hey Mo, that's awesome! thanks for coming back here to upgrade me ~ above what happened, i really appreciate it :)

Mo on June 13, 2020:

I cleaned the accelerator body, not sticking anymore

Thank girlfriend Eddie ns really appreciate your help

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on may 30, 2020:

Hi Brian,

It way you're short on coolant and the sensor is informing the computer system to turn the light on come warn you.

BRIAN KASIMU on might 28, 2020:

my radiator started leaking and now the check engine light is on. What could this mean?

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on may 16, 2020:

Hi Ben,

You might have your neighborhood auto components store, garage or dealership inspect it or you can buy a cheap scanner and check that yourself. There room a many things the could cause the check engine light to come on so it's best to check the password without guessing.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on might 16, 2020:

Hi Mo,

On the hood or front radiator support, you'll discover a rubber bumper on every side the is flexible by turning. Ns recommend you just unscrew the rubber bumper to use a little pressure come the hood and the noise must stop :) The gas pedal is a little much more in-depth. If you remove the rubber intake hose coming from the waiting cleaner box and look inside the throttle plate real estate you'll see the throttle plate. Open the key manually v either the link or a long screwdriver and you'll notice carbon gathered where the throttle location sits. Take part carburetor cleaner and a clean rag and remove the carbon or both upper and also lower parts of the intake, if girlfriend can control to clean the edges of the throttle plate that will assist as well however your main focus is the intake housing. Once it's clean the accelerator will avoid sticking :) permit me know exactly how you make the end Mo, thanks.

Mo on might 12, 2020:

Hi Eddie

I have a honda accord 1999. I have actually two problems. This trouble has been awhile driver side vibrates as soon as stopped and also makes noise. Once press on journey side hood goes far the vibration and also noise.

i just noticed gas pedal is type of sticky no going every the means when i press so i need to press it harder after the i carry out not feeling it once driving. It wake up when car parked a while.

Thank you

Ben Ghana on might 12, 2020:

Thank you because that this information, my Honda civic 2017 check engine light came on a mainly now, car drives prefect, how do i check the code, thank you and what could be the issue

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on may 04, 2020:

Hi Tapson,

What happens when the vital is turned to the begin position? does it rotate the engine over? Does it click? do the dash lights come on? allow me know everything you observe, thanks.

Tapson Paul kubvoruno on may 03, 2020:

My honda crv 2000 model dnt want to start there is no engine checklight smd an essential green irradiate on thr dashboard if ns put crucial on what can the problem and what have the right to I do

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire ~ above April 14, 2020:

Hi Marius,

It sounds prefer you and your family are for sure from the COVID19 so ns glad around that. The check engine light comes on when there is a hiccup or fail in the emissions system, even a loosened gas lid can reason the irradiate to come on. Ns recommend you journey it because that a couple of days as long as it's control normal and also there room no unusual noises and notice if the irradiate goes out on that own. Sometimes the failure will certainly correct itself and the examine engine light will go out and stay out. If the light continues to be on, have the code pulled to determine what may be causing the problem, the password should point you to the mechanism that has failed or hiccuped. Permit me know what girlfriend find, and if girlfriend have more questions, Marius, you know where to discover me :)

Marius on April 13, 2020:

Excellent articles and also I think helped me to diagnose the yellow engine irradiate warning problem- History: Honda Brio 2014 model, was recently in for business - garage called my mam they have adjusted something in the engine to much better fuel consumption and also 95000 km company - had actually 2 trouble-free weeks and today problems. Automobile would start for few seconds sounded like the engine will go yet died instantly - I confirm all lights, battery, hooter enough fuel, loose cables come spark plugs etc Battery all looked yes - climate lightbulb moment!! - ns took turn off the red battery cable for couple of minutes in expect to reset the computer and... The worked!! engine began normally however then through yellow light constant on - its major lock down time in southern Africa and also we needed to gain home - no mechanic's functioning let alone Honda dealer! slow-moving home because manual says feasible engine damages - typical power no funny sounds! - for this reason after one hour begin it up again, and no yellow light! -

-so my inquiry now: might it it is in a loosened sensor cable? or they fiddling through the engine might be damage O2 sensor? No water problems or critter- relative brand-new car no critters! exhaust and also catalytic converter shoud be ok look at undamaged.

I really delighted in the videos and instructions and also comments very nice guys!

Regards Marius

George southern Africa

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire top top April 10, 2020:

Hi Philiswe,

Do you understand what the code was? If you look at the paperwork it have to state P0301 - P0304 or something favor that. Permit me know, thanks.

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire top top April 10, 2020:

Hi Sunbeamskid,

There space two things to look at at however I recommend you pull the code an initial because the may suggest you straight to the problem. The V-Tec solenoid system has two screens that come to be clogged over time and also may must be cleaned or replaced. Ns don't suspect the engine valves have ever before been adjusted and the is a common problem with CR-V's, the valves become tight over time and also will must be changed to bring ago into spec. Ns recommend you start will pulling the code and go indigenous there. Allow me recognize if girlfriend have added questions, and keep me posted on what you discover please, thanks.

sunbeamskid ~ above April 10, 2020:

Hi Sir,

I have actually a 2002 CRV and also my vehicle runs normally. However, I'm just bothered that the inspect engine light transforms on once I reach 2,000 RPM. Ns don't feel any readjust in the engine nor carry out I hear any type of sound comes from the engine. The usage is much less than 93,000 miles and I don't generally use it for lengthy drives. I just use the from suggest A to B and back.

Thank friend Sir and also I look forward to your reply.

Philisiwe top top April 09, 2020:

Hi. So mine Honda ballade 1997 suddenly proved the inspect engine authorize while driving. Ns took the auto to a neighborhood mechanic,he confirm the car and said that sees naught wrong. He replaced 1 spark plug that was burnt. The auto sounds fine and everything in place however the inspect engine authorize is quiet there.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire top top April 09, 2020:

Hi Jessica,

It sounds like your alternator is not working or you have a loose battery terminal or connection. Have actually you had any work done to the engine recently? A quick check for the battery terminals would certainly be to tighten the terminal nuts and also check because that looseness. Allow me recognize what you find Jess, thanks.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire top top April 09, 2020:

You're welcome, Steve allow me recognize if I can answer any kind of questions you can have :)

Steven J. Diamond on April 07, 2020:

Great info. Say thanks to you.

Jessica ~ above April 06, 2020:

Thank you because that your huge knowledge! After having my 2007 Honda Accord washed in ~ a drive through, my automobile tried come shut down 3 times in the brief 10 minute drive home. By “shutting down” it appeared to be transforming itself off once I stopped at a corner the brake light, inspect engine light and another flashed. When I turned turn off the ac and also turned the auto off and also on the automobile again it to be fine because that a couple of miles and also then act increase again. Just in prior of my garage I had turned the ac back on and then it totally died for about three minutes. And also then i was maybe to turn it ago on again.

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on march 18, 2020:

Hi Devota,

As long as the engine is running usually you shouldn't have an issue. You can stop at an auto components store and also have them traction the code simply so you understand what is resulting in the irradiate to which or purchase a $20 password reader indigenous Amazon. Permit me understand if you have any kind of other question I can help with :)

Devota on in march 17, 2020:

My 2011 Pilot has an emissions light on. The has remained in the shop (Honda dealer) recently and also had filters readjusted as well as regime maintenance. Can I journey the pilot, currently they room closed d/t the pandemic.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on march 15, 2020:

Hi Denise,

The offering dealer will need to repair it until the light stays off. The CR-V is a really reliable vehicle and also will serve you well because that years come come, however the difficulty needs to be solved permanently first. I recommend you it is in adamant the car is fixed before you drive off again. How plenty of miles are on the vehicle?? There room a many things the can cause this code, not simply catalytic converters and O2 sensors, a difficulty causing an out of spec long term/short hatchet fuel trim can additionally cause this code. An example of this is the engine valves being the end of spec or a variety of other things that could cause this issue. Keep me post on what lock do, thanks.

Denise on in march 12, 2020:


I simply bought a provided 2011 Honda CRV and 2 work after the enigine light come on. That was right after the an initial time I obtained gas and I review the cap and to rotate to 'click' and I know it didn't, so ns undid it, clicked and waited. Tho on the next day, and had code check out by my reg mechanic done and also it to be P0420 Catalyst mechanism Efficiency listed below Theshold - he cleared it in case of sitting, etc. Came ago on the following day, dubbed dealer that sold it, drove the up and also they looked in ~ it and ended up instead of converter 2 days later on day (had to wait for part and they space out of town for me). That also after having actually replaced, that is top top again. Ns am waiting to discover out if the was new or aftermarket convertor, i did no ask as soon as I to be there. Any kind of ideas? ns bought this after being rear-ended and my reliable vehicle was totalled, and I live in a ar that has actually \"no-fault\" insurance, and also I simply need a reliable automobile being a single parent, one impairment child. Thank you for help.

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire ~ above February 11, 2020:

Hi Barb,

The lean fuel proportion is your problem and also it has nothing to carry out with the gas tank :( The lean fuel proportion is resulted in by too much air mixing with the fuel going into the engine and also something is bring about it prefer MAP sensor, ECU, EGR valve, false analysis from a sensor, etc. You're walking to need to discover a mechanic who understands exactly how to check out the DATA perform in the vehicles ECU, someone who knows the device parameters and can pick out a faulty reading. I think your ideal bet is to find a Honda dealer through master-level Honda Technicians, plus Honda may have a company bulletin top top that details problem. When it's fixed, maybe you can get some money back from the last shop that readjusted the fuel tank for no reason other than lack of knowledge. Allow me know what you decision to do, thanks.

Barb ~ above February 06, 2020:

My 2017 Honda CRV examine engine emissions light went on...took that in and a diagnostic didn’t present anything yet lean ration. I had an inspection about one main prior. Lock reset it and also then that went earlier on 2 work later. I let lock gas gain low and got a brand-new tank. They said the scan come out fine. Reset again and also now 1 day later it is on again. The automobile is control normally. What else need to I suggest they examine besides the codes?

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on January 08, 2020:

Hi Dusti,

A lot of concerns can reason the irradiate to come on. The first step is to have the code pulled indigenous the computer so you'll recognize what device is not functioning properly, without understanding the code is prefer throwing darts at the feasible cause. Have actually the code pulled and also let me understand what the is and I can help guide you come a solution :)

Dusti Perkins top top January 07, 2020:

My 2003 Honda Pilot. Inspect engine light came on this morning. What might be walk on

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on January 03, 2020:

Hi Irene,

Do you understand the code? What is the year and mileage that the vehicle?

Irene on January 02, 2020:

My honda crv once the engine light come on ns doesn't accelerate but its idling normally

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on December 27, 2019:

Awesome news advertisement Taylor, sometimes it's not the sensor it's a ingredient the sensor is monitoring prefer a fuel injector, spark plug, ignition coil, etc. Many thanks for the update and keep me posted if it wake up again.

Ad Taylor top top December 25, 2019:

Thanks Eddie, found a good honda mechanic who ran diagnostics..po139 (i think!)..was reflecting oxygen sensor 2 had had a hiccup, however it was additionally showing the it was to run fine and within the exactly parameters. Us cleared the error and also the car has been running fine since...if it mirrors again we’ll change the sensor. He likewise said its possible a voltage hiccup might have caused the glitch.

Fingers crossed its all sorted!

Thanks again because that the advice

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire ~ above December 24, 2019:

Hi advertisement Taylor,

If whatever is running typical then girlfriend may have actually an concern with the emissions system but the only means to understand what's going on is to have the code pulled, once you have the password it will suggest you come the system that is causing the light to come on. If the irradiate goes out after numerous drive cycles that means the fault has actually corrected itself yet if it stays on something isn't working properly and needs to be repaired. Permit me know if this helps and also let me recognize what the code is, probably I can melted some irradiate on the issue.

Ad Taylor on December 19, 2019:

Useful info, Eddie...thanks. I have 2012 crz, the engine light simply came on and also won’t go out.

I deserve to answer no to all the questions, so i’m now a small stuck in learning what can be the cause.

It to be driven usually for 40mins left because that 2 hours, then 2mins into brand-new journey it come on.

Car cd driver fine, no job-related done recently, fuel lid is chop enough, roadways are damp however not excessive, no water leaks!

Light is constant, no various other warnings on.

Any ideas,?

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on December 19, 2019:

Hi Erika,

It sounds prefer you have actually a loose connection ~ above a ground cable or something. Has actually this vehicle ever remained in an accident or have actually you had any extensive work-related done on the recently? Did all these lights illuminate on the very same day or go this all occur on different days?

Erika on December 19, 2019:

My 2013 Honda CrV cruise quit working. Then my check engine light, power steering light and traction regulate lights all come on. The cruise came back on once or twice and then every the other lights shut off yet didn't continue to be off. Never had actually a problem with this vehicle til now. Any type of thoughts?

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire top top December 02, 2019:

Hi Tandreamel,

The password P3400 is a share code, what go the dealer pull for a code? the sounds prefer you may have actually a difficulty with the fuel emissions system, possible a Fuel Tank press Sensor? ns recommend you lug it earlier to the dealer for this reason they can run exam on that system. Store me post on what you find, thanks.

Tandreamel top top December 01, 2019:

2014 Honda Pilot (76k miles): check engine light come on ~ refueling (no height off) adhered to by a hefty acceleration on to highway. Had actually codes run by autozone; returned a P3400. Took automobile to dealership, inspected VPS system. Reverted no problems with VPS system. Adjusted oil, got car back. Complying with day (today) on highway 5 hrs into 8 hour drive. Quit for refueling (topped turn off this time - normally we carry out not). Earlier on road with no hefty acceleration. About 45 minute later inspect engine light comes on. Two hours to nearest city. Thoughts??

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire ~ above November 30, 2019:

Hi Masya,

If the O2 sensor was submerged is would reason a problem, ns recommend you drive the car for a few days and see if the trouble persists. Permit me recognize what happens, thanks.

masya on November 29, 2019:

Honda CRV 2.4, 2015 first start and drive is fine. For about 10 miles check engine irradiate on and engine shake and die, after a couple of minute begin again check engine is off. And check engine present up again for around 10 miles, shake and die, again and again. This instance happen after i pass flood. Is that O2 sensor having difficulty or somehing with an additional sensor..? Thanks.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire top top November 29, 2019:

Hi Susan,

The TPMS mechanism usually only has actually a yellow light, are you sure this is connected with the TPMS system? What does the icon look like?

Susan Poellet top top November 28, 2019:

2 main ago, my tpms light to be on, ns was told my passengers back tire sensor was no working, a mainly later, the yellow symbol come on, therefore i had actually the waiting in my tires filled. A week later, a red engine symbol light is on now?

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire ~ above November 21, 2019:

You're welcome Mike :)

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire ~ above November 21, 2019:

Hi Anton,

The examine engine irradiate will always come on v the key in the run position regardless if the engine is to run or not, it's a device light inspect so you'll need to at least get the engine running to view if the irradiate is truely on v a code. If you're low on fuel, start by including some fuel and see what happens, if the irradiate goes the end you're in business, if not, you'll need to dig deeper. We room a human being apart from each various other lol, cheers from brand-new Hampshire USA :)

Mike top top November 20, 2019:

Thank toy!

Anton Husselmann ~ above November 17, 2019:

Hi Eddie, will certainly the examine enjine light come on as soon as their is small fuel in tenk, that is a Honda Ballade 180E. I check the battery, will it resolved the difficulty if I placed in much more fuel, the vehicle is no starting, is it lack off fuel? ns would choose to see if the irradiate goes away after i restart it, whereby to i start? Greetings indigenous Cape Town. RSA

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire top top November 14, 2019:

You're welcome Woody :) let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

Woody ~ above November 13, 2019:

That was really helpful. Simply bought a 2010 Honda Pilot. Many thanks gor the info

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire ~ above November 13, 2019:

Hi Justin,

Can friend hear pressure structure up within the exhaust once the automobile is losing power? that sounds favor your catalytic converter may be clogged so maybe try disconnecting the catalytic converter and see if the difficulty persists. I recognize this have the right to be difficult and loud however it's only a test. The factor I think it's a clogged catalytic converter is the the engine temp is acquiring hot and you're shedding power, this are common signs the a clogged cat. Permit me know if this works.

Justin on November 12, 2019:

Hi.I have Honda civic 2008 CTDI 2.2l .Engine irradiate come on and also its start loosing the power them the engine acquiring warm.Computer scan show that is barometric press senson yet we readjust both sensor and its quiet the same.What you think around that?

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on November 12, 2019:

Hi Zoran,

If you deserve to pull the password from the computer I can assist pinpoint the problem. Allow me know.

Eddie Carrara (author) from new Hampshire on November 12, 2019:

Hi Hstanf,

I would call the shop, they may not have actually secured the afiter housing properly or girlfriend could examine it an initial to save you a trip. Let me know what friend find, thanks.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on November 11, 2019:

Hi Jeff, you're welcome.

It's feasible you may have had something captured in the mass air flow sensor leading to the issue (if your automobile is equipped through one, it's usually located in the fresh air entry tube). Save an eye top top the light for now, hopefully it doesn't come ago on.

Hstanf on November 11, 2019:

Hi Eddie! I have actually a 1999 Honda CR-V. The inspect engine light just came on after acquiring my oil adjusted and fuel filter replaced. Should I simply wait a pair days to view if it goes turn off or contact the shop? Thanks!

Zoran Boshkovski ~ above November 10, 2019:

I own a honda jazz from 2003, 1.4 petrol automatic. While ns was steering the vehicle , sudenly, that was no working prefer it should, the examine engine irradiate went on and also the car died.. ~ a couple of minutes i started the car and also the exact same thing happened only a minute after.. What have the right to be the problem? Please...

See more: Which Of The Following Is Characteristic Of Eukaryotic Cells? ?

Jeff ~ above November 07, 2019:

Hi Eddie,

Thanks because that getting earlier and answering my questions. Ns wasnt maybe to examine through obd to acquire the code but after replacing my engine waiting filter it just disappear after ~ an hour the driving.

Eddie Carrara (author) from brand-new Hampshire on November 06, 2019:

Hi Jeff,

I introduce you have the code checked to view if it has anything to execute with the job-related that was just done,