just need to recognize where castle are and which is b1 and also b2? that is every they called me as soon as I had it scanned.

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great evening,I enclosed a picture of the sensor locations for you come view and also a guide to aid walk you through the repairs with diagrams below to present you exactly how on your car.https://www.aramuseum.org/articles/how-to-replace-an-oxygen-sensorWhat are the codes? seldom O2 sensor codes require replacement that the actual sensor.Roy


Okay, you require catalytic converters. The precious steels are worn the end in the converters. That is not the sensors in ~ all, the is the catalytic converters.

ns have had P0154 P0135 I have replaced those sensors through honda sensors. The check engine irradiate is quiet on. Ns took it come a shop and also they called me they could not discover the problem. They tested the sensors and also there in great condition they stated the problem could be due to the fact that there is no power to mine oxtgen sensors. Is over there a fuse Relay someplace that I deserve to check? Or is there something else there can be checked?
ok for code P0135 inspect these fuses. Fuse number 4 (af sensor) 15 amp in the fuse box under dash. Fuse number 19 40 amp in the fuse crate under the hood. Fuse number 23 7.5 amp in fuse crate under dash. This could likewise be what is resulting in the P0154 code too. Allow me understand what friend find and we will go native there. Below is exactly how you can readjust the sensor in the diagrams below. Https://www.aramuseum.org/articles/how-to-replace-an-oxygen-sensorCheck the end the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand what happens.
Ok now I require you to unplug the mass air circulation sensor and use the pic listed below to examine ohms between term 3 and also 4 ~ above the sensor no the wiring harness. Is the ohms in between 2.1 and 2.9? If not then replace the fixed air flow meter.


ok So i looked in ~ my mass air flow sensor and also its different from the photo you sent out me. My mas airflow sensor has actually five


prongs and there every inline isntad that a four prong.
Hi, i have been having troubles with my 2006 honda accord ex. My examine engine light went on and also so ns ran a test with an obd2 scanner and also codes p1034 and code p2243 pooped up. I visited autozone and also bought a bosch upstream financial institution 1 sensor 1 o2 sensor. I changed the old sensor v this new sensor and also unplugged the battery to reset the car. Ns ran the test again and only password p2243 popped up and also I looked this code up and also it stated \"Reference Voltage Circuit/Open (Bank 1 Sensor 1)\" for this reason my inquiry is what is this? and how to I solve this? please help. And also thank girlfriend in advance.
You have an open up circuit in the wiring somewhere. Inspect to make sure the wiring is good at the sensor, over there is no corrosion.
I have a 2005 accord ex 2.4L honda, recently my cel come on and also it to be my oxygen sensors, my concern is how plenty of oxygen sensors ns have and which one is more likely come break and also which oxygen sensors are finest for my vehicle to just plug in and work? THANKS!
There are two sensors. The waiting fuel ratio sensor is situated at the A-pipe and the an additional oxygen sensor in the catalytic converter. It depends which code was stored. Ns would usage oem parts.
my engine light came on and also the Honda mechanic claimed that I needed both up stream oxygen sensors replaced and also recommended a fuel injection service. He reset the engine light and hasn't which again in 6 months. Just how much should I mean to salary to have both increase stream oxygen sensors replaced have the right to I perform it myself?Thanks
If the light hasn't come earlier on in that amount that time, chances are every little thing is working properly. As far as the sensors are concerned, they are around 80 dollars each and take about 20 minutes every to replace. However, as I mentioned, if the light has remained off, they must be fine. Below is a overview to assist walk you v the repair with diagrams listed below to show you just how on her car.https://www.aramuseum.org/articles/how-to-replace-an-oxygen-sensorCheck out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know what friend find.
Hi, I have actually 2003 Honda Accord V6. Freshly my inspect Engine light came up. On checking the code, it proved P2251/P0134 which room for Bank1 Sensor 1. I was may be to situate this sensor as on the backside the the engine.I do the efforts to open up it, but I ran into difficulty when the sensor cable i m sorry is plugged v a male/female coupling did not come out. Over there is verly small space to move your hand and it appears to be very tight.Please suggest any kind of tool or how I can take this out?I also tried to traction the coupling for the front sensor 2, however that too was very tight and also could not open.Quick response is appreciated.ThanksHimanshu
hello Himanshu,Thank you for the donation.There is no special tools for unplugging the terminal. The wireharness side has actually a locking tab that needs to be pressed to relax the lock before you have the right to pull the connector off. Sometime sand or dust gets in between the tab rendering it impossible to relax the lock. I would usage compressed waiting to punch out any foreign material prior to pressing the tab.


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