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Hi, can anyone please tell me where the fuel pump circuit opening relay is located? It"s a 1999 5-speed manual car, base model. The Haynes manual says it"s near the driver side under the steering wheel, to the left. But I only found a cluster of fuses and stuff. I don"t know which one is the relay. Fuses are labeled but not the relay I wanted. THanks.
no.... the COR is usually somewhere near the ECU...... there should be at least a couple blue wires running from/to it and the top will actually say "circuit opening relay"though... different toyota"s will have it in different locations...... from what i"ve heard, corolla"s have them in the cab
When in doubt.... consult the tech manual. When in doubt and you dont have a tech manual..... call the guys in the parts dept and they will usually help you.

COR is a little black relay that sits on the Dash frame supports just behind the stereo, and on the other side of the Green flasher relay. It will have some pretty hefty wires going to it too...
Reporting back about COR for fuel pump... Finally got a chance to search for it. Found it on a wire socket panel quite low (near the floor) on the left-side wall of the driver"s cab, all the way front, near the clutch padel. I looked for a little black relay. It just says "Relay, Toyota". Thanks guys.

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