Ok ns did the scan to watch why mine Honda Accords check engine light is on. Found out it to be the EGR valve. I resolved the EGR valve however the inspect engine irradiate is currently on only when I drive it so i can\"t inspect to see what the trouble password it is now due to the fact that it only comes ~ above whenmy Hondastarts moving. I shot to reset the ECU yet it didn\"t work.I unplugged the battery the didn\"t work-related either.I need to pass the smog check however I don\"t know what to do.

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You can retrieve her Honda Accord\"s problem code(s) you yourself by utilizing inserting a jumper cable at thediagnostic connector situated in the passenger side absent panel. Insert the jumper wire in the 2 PIN organization connector in between pins 1 and also 2. Girlfriend should additionally see a 3 PINconnecter. This is offered for a trouble password scanner. Problem codes will be save on computer in the ECU even if the examine engine light is no on.

Once the jumper is inserted,turn top top the ignition key. The problem code(s) will beginflashingusing thecheck engine light indicator.Begining counting the flashes.Use Trouble code 23 together a guide.Example:2 long flashes complied with by 3 short flashes=Trouble password 23. If much more than one trouble coce exist there will be a lengthy pause in in between the codes.

Common Honda OBD-I problem Codes:Code 0 and also 11 Electronic control Module (ECM)Code1 heated oxygen sensor ACode 2 Oxygen contents BCode 3 and 5 Manifold absolute PressureCode 4 Crank place sensorCode 6 Engine coolant temperatureCode 7 Throttle place sensorCode 8 top dead center sensorCode 9 No.1 cylinder position sensorCode 10 Intake air temperature sensorCode 12 Exhaust recirculation systemCode 13 Barometric push sensorCode 14 Idle air manage valve or negative ECMCode 15 Ignition output signalCode 16 Fuel InjectorCode 17 vehicle speed sensorCode 19 A/T lock-up regulate solenoidCode 20 electrical load detectorCode 21 V-TEC control solenoidCode 22 V-TEC push solenoidCode 23 knock sensorCode 30 A/T FI signal ACode 30 A/T FI signal BCode 41 cook oxygen sensor heaterCode 43 Fuel supply systemCode 45 Fuel it is provided meteringCode 48 boil oxygen sensorCode 61 prior heated oxygen sensorCode 63 behind heated oxygen sensorCode 65 behind heated oxygen sensor heaterCode 67 Catalytic converter systemCode 70 automatically transaxleCode 71 Misfire detect cylinder 1Code 72 Misfire detected cylinder 2Code 73 Misfire detect cylinder 3Code 74 Misfire detected cylinder 4Code 75 Misfire detect cylinder 5Code 76 Misfire recognize cylinder 6Code 80 Exhaust recirculation systemCode 86 Coolant temperatureCode 92 Evaporative emission regulate system

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