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Ya,, that darn food truck market... However too, the jump in scrap aluminum prices gotten rid of a many them from standing around. How do they journey ? Well, I choose the Chevrolet chassis (P30-P35) through the independent former suspension.Indeed, it drives practically exactly choose a Chev van front class C because its nearly the exact same suspension. A P30 front finish with independent provides the same manage arms the 1 ton van uses. Which method parts room and constantly will it is in an inexpensive no brainer. One thing most actions are missing though that the course C"s regularly have is a rear sway bar, but then again, most class C"s are greater and more heavier than any of the beforehand seventies to mid ninetys, Grumman vans.I have not seen a step without power steering in part time.......Yes, 4BT diesels space harder and harder to find for a few reasons. One is every the "rock crawler" and also "rat rod" males started paying crazy money because that them, but another is just time. What was it ? around 1990 once Frito and the other large players payment Cummins to come up through that little retrofit ? most of those van have already been off the roadway for part time.But my selection would never ever be the diesel, no for MY particular use. One damaged injection pump or blown turbo virtually costs much more to gain fixed than a whole new small block chevy from among the fifty percent zillion places that will sell you one. People need to carry out the actual math to view if the diesel is really worth it. A complete rebuild that a 4BT, excellent by a competent shop will certainly be in between $5000 and also $6000 !!!! I can buy a most gasoline for that ! For generally inexpensive maintenance and repair costs, you just cant win the carburated small block Chevy.The only real downfalls to actions are the motorists compartment. Every little thing else deserve to be do snug and also tight due to the fact that it is a large square shell. But the motorists comp has actually LOT of glass, and a most exposed aluminum. If the huge windows space awesome to watch the civilization with, it gets real evident if you draw your curtains the your living in it. The huge amount of aluminum makes for difficulties when it comes to heating and also cooling as there is only so lot you can do to sufficiently insulate that area. The doors have gotten much better over the years with more recent step van designs, but they are still thin, and also demand good seals to store wind indigenous whistling thru.For "stealth", none of that is a trouble as lengthy as girlfriend dont require to have the drivers area LOOK choose a home. If you leaving the manufacturing facility dividing wall in one, then develop YOUR brand-new insulated wall surface behind it, you deserve to leave a couple of coffee cups on the dash, some invoices and file work up front and nobody on the world would think anything other than "contractor truck".Well, the was up till the DOT began to require all commercial trucks to have actually DOT number on the side. If you have a company name on the (even if fake) and no period number, friend will get pulled end in part states. If you perform what i did and also get the registered together a engine home, then your plates to speak "motor home" top top the bottom of castle ! Can"t success ! (I placed my plates inside chrome frames that have actually hidden most of the words engine home, however Cops usually know the key colors anyhow, for this reason they could pick you out of a crowd.I LOVE my truck. I DID search and search and search to uncover exactly the body and wheelbase i wanted. Ns did not obtain to make any real progression on it critical year because of family issues, yet I retained it wash up and also operational. ( provide up if you want a step. The point is, I"ve owned a handful of them over the years and also frankly, I never bought one indigenous an advertisement. I uncovered each of castle driving around, looking in ago alleys and also business parking lots. Ns bought one specifically like the present Grumliner best out that a junkyard. It had actually been "Scrapped" through a drywall firm because the infection "went out". I walked in, asked around it, the male said they provided it because that storage. Everything has a price though, and I gained it for $1500 ceded to me 30 miles away.I acquired it home and also found the transmission bell housing cracked, but the suturing truck had a spanking new engine in that from Jasper ! A $200 infection repair in ~ a regional shop had actually me ~ above the roadway in no time. (And those trannies space really simple to drop... Just pull the FLOOR out of the truck and also work native the peak !)Anyhow, you have to be searching for one stand in someones yard and also ask around it.