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General technical & Electrical general technical and also electrical conversation for the Ford Ranger the does not fit in any type of other sub-forum.


Ive gained a 88 ranger 4x4, ive replaced the in tank fuel pump, both fuel filters, the fuel pump relay, bypassed the inertia switch and also still no strength to the pump. As soon as i bypass the wiring harness to the pump i can gain power however it will certainly not begin up. The will rotate over fine and also has fuel ~ above the fuel rail yet will certainly not fire. And advice will be helpful.

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Welcome to the forumFirst the No start issue50/50 testSpray gasoline or fast Start(ether) into the intakeThen shot to startIf that starts and then die you have actually Spark yet no fuel indigenous the injectorsIf that doesn"t start then you have No Spark or short compression50/50, quick and also easyIn 1988 Fuel Pump power originates from a Fusible connect most likely.A Fusible connect is a quick wire linked to Starter Relay(battery post), the acts as a slow blow fuse, and it"s other end connects to Fuel Pump RelayFuel pump Relay base will certainly be Green, that will have 4 or 5 slots1 slot will have power power(12v) all the time, that is the Fusible connect PowerSo key off, test every slot because that 12v, if no 12v then you will should find and replace the fusible linkStarter relay(wrongly called starter solenoid) is an installed on within fender, the is the power distribution point for the vehicle.Battery hopeful cable is hooked up on one article of this relay, fuse box, numerous fusible links for alternator and also fuel pump power space all on that 1 post.Other larger post in this relay will certainly just have actually 1 cable, to start motor, NO other CABLES/WIRES need to be on that post, just starter engine cable.So pretty simple wiring, everything on 1 post, starter engine on the other, lol, and also doesn"t matter which post they are reverse-able Red/blue stripe wire on the tiny "S" postIf you have actually 12volts at FP Relay with vital off, then you have fuel pump power there.Turn crucial onThere need to now be one more slot in eco-friendly FP relay base the now has actually 12v, test because that it, if no EEC relay, Brown Base, might be the problemIf you have actually a slot 12v key off and another slot through 12v vital on climate time to check for Ground.Put FP Relay back inHave someone turn key on while friend touch FP Relay, you need to feel it click closed for 2 seconds then click open.Fuel Pump just gets power for 2 seconds each time crucial is turn on, a security feature.If you don"t have a helper, disconnect soil cable top top batteryTurn an essential onPut finger ~ above FP Relay and then connect the soil cable come battery, you should feel the click closed and also then open, when computer starts upIf the isn"t closing climate computer"s wire to FP Relay or computer itself is badPin 22 on computer is the ground because that FP RelayThere is a grounding wire accessible for FP RelayYou require to discover the OBD1 plug in, the is in the engine bay.Drawing of it here: Ford Ranger - testing EEC-IV fitted EnginesFuel Pump slot is labelled in drawing, that slot is the GROUND because that fuel pump relay.So the you put a jumper cable in that slot and also ground the other end of the wire the FP relay will close each time key is turned on and it will remain closed, by-passes computer system ground.Doesn"t ache anything.If every little thing checks out then test for 12v at inertia switch, just there because that 2 secs unless you have actually grounded that OBD1 slotNow in 1988 there space two fuel pumps, in tank and also high press pump in the framework rail.They re-superstructure the 1 power wire native inertia switch, there is a splice in the wire by the high push pump.And climate there is the Ground for the pumps, no electrical an equipment works v 1 power wire, gotta have actually 2 wires, 12v and Ground, other wise no strength can circulation thru the device, i beg your pardon is what makes a light pear light up and a pump spin, power must FLOW, for this reason you need a an excellent ground on every pumpPower route Battery---fusible link-----FP Relay-------inertia switch--------------Fuel Pumps----Grounds