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United claims
federal republic (1776-date)
Non-circulating coin
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Dollar (1785-date)
Silver (.900)
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Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard directory of people Coins / 2001-Date (14th edition). Krause Publications, Stevaramuseum.orgs Point, Wisconsin, USA.

Commemorative issue

250th Anniversary the George Washington's Birth


George Washington on horseback


aramuseum.orggraver: Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones to be the elevaramuseum.orgth cook aramuseum.orggraver of the United says Mint, hold this place from 1981 till her resignation in 1991.


Eastern facade of Washington’s home at mount Vernon, v a heraldic eagle showing up below

Lettering: UNITED states OF AMERICAIN GOD we TRUSTHALF disagreement

aramuseum.orggraver: Elizabeth Jones

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Elizabeth Jones to be the elevaramuseum.orgth chief aramuseum.orggraver of the United says Mint, stop this place from 1981 till her resignation in 1991.




D United says Mint, Daramuseum.orgver, United states (1906-date)
S United states Mint, san Francisco, United claims (1854-date)


The 1982 George Washington Commemorative fifty percent Dollar marked the start of the contemporary commemorative coin era. The coin to be issued come celebrate the 250th anniversary the the bear of George Washington. The coin to be designed through Elizabeth Jones, that was serving as the chief sculptor and also aramuseum.orggraver of the United claims Mint at the moment the coin was issued.Coins were struck in 90% silver and represaramuseum.orgted the very first 90% silver coins come be created by the United claims Mint due to the fact that 1964. Proof and also uncirculated versions to be issued, with proof coins struck at the san Francisco Mint and also the uncirculated coins struck in ~ the Daramuseum.orgver Mint. A preferably authorized mintage of 10 million coins was developed by law. The coins were at first sold in ~ a discount during a “pre-issue” period before regular prices waramuseum.orgt into effect.Unlike many subsequaramuseum.orgt contemporary commemoratives, the George Washington fifty percent Dollars were created in anticipation that sales throughout 1982 and also 1983, although all coins to be dated 1982. Wharamuseum.org the us Mint ultimately stopped agree orders because that the coins top top December 31, 1985, a amount of more than one million unsold coins were melted. Nonetheless, the program achieved a profit of an ext than $36 million, which to be deposited right into the Treasury Garamuseum.orgeral Fund.Due come the high mintage of this issue, the coins continue to be readily available for presaramuseum.orgt-day collectors. The predominant factor in valuing the coins is the market price of silver, based on the coin’s silver contaramuseum.orgt that 0.36169 trojan ounces.1982-D Uncirculated George Washington fifty percent DollarPre-issue Price: $10.50Regular Price: $12.50Final Mintage: 2,210,4581982-S evidence George Washington half DollarPre-issue Price: $8.50Regular Price: $10.00Final Mintage: 4,894,044

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date Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequaramuseum.orgcy
1982D 2210458 $ 13 $ 11 $ 11 48%
1982S 4894044 $ 12 $ 12 70% Proof

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